Cam Broten steps down as Saskatchewan NDP leader

Cam Broten has stepped down as leader of the Saskatchewan NDP.

Party leader lost his own seat of Saskatoon Westview in provincial election

Former Sask. NDP leader Cam Broten announcing his resignation. (Andree-Anne Cote-St-Laurent/CBC News)

Cam Broten has stepped down as leader of the Saskatchewan NDP.

Broten lost his own seat of Saskatoon Westview in last week's provincial election. 

"For the good of both my party and my family, I believe it's the right decision to resign as leader," Broten told reporters.

"This was not an easy decision. I love this province and its people. I love public service and I love my political party."

Former leader of the Saskatchewan NDP announcing his resignation. (Jennifer Quesnel/CBC News)
Broten lost his seat to Saskatchewan Party MLA-elect David Buckingham by 232 votes.

The election was seen as a disappointment for the NDP as a whole. The party only captured 10 seats, in stark contrast to the 51 seats won by the Saskatchewan Party.

"In a democracy, elections belong to voters," said Broten. "The voters have spoken and it is our duty to respect that decision."

NDP to choose interim leader

Party leadership will now get to work choosing an interim leader. 

Members of the NDP caucus and the party's provincial council plan to meet April 23 to select who will lead the party before a leadership convention can be called.

Broten said he doesn't know what his long-term plans will look like. Until he figures that out, he plans to spend more time with his family. 

Broten said he will miss being an MLA.

"The experiences you get to have, the people you get to meet, the changes that you can bring— to me, there's nothing like it," he said. "Like any job, there are pitfalls and downsides, but in my view, the positive experiences so far outweigh the drawbacks."

Despite what is widely seen as a disappointing election for the NDP, Broten said New Democrats should remain optimistic.

"Let's keep our heads up, and our hearts strong. Let's learn the right lessons from this election," he said. "And let's stay focused on what matters most to everyday families throughout Saskatchewan."

Premier reacts

Shortly after Broten's resignation was announced, Premier Brad Wall sent out a statement.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Broten for his public service and his significant contribution as an MLA and the Leader of the Her Majesty's Official Opposition," Wall said in the release. 


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