Cam Broten, Sask. NDP demand legislature recall over GTH land deals

Following a CBC News investigation that uncovered a controversial land deal involving 204 acres west of Regina, the provincial NDP is demanding that the legislature be recalled.

Government responds: 'NDP are politically grandstanding'

NDP leader Cam Broten says recalling the Legislature will ensure transparency the sale of land to the Global Transportation Hub. (CBC)

Following a CBC News investigation that uncovered a controversial land deal involving 204 acres west of Regina, the provincial NDP is demanding that the legislature be recalled.

In 2014, Regina businessman Anthony Marquart made millions of dollars selling land to the Global Transportation Hub, which is chaired by Saskatchewan's economy minister Bill Boyd.

The land in question will be used for a highway interchange that will allow traffic to easily access the transportation hub area. The land sold for two to three times more than what some government appraisals said it's worth.

Now, NDP leader Cam Broten wants the premier to talk about the deal in the legislature.

"There needs to be a lot of eyes on this, and the more light shone on this, the better," Broten told reporters Friday. "But there's no reason, no reason why Mr. Wall cannot come forward now and explain why he's comfortable doing what he did."

"There needs to be the right transparency and accountability provided by Mr. Wall. The legislature is one of the best places to do that," Broten said.

Earlier this week, Brad Wall put the request in to the Lieutenant Governor to have a review of the purchase of the land.

"I am confident that all the appropriate processes were followed. However, in order to ensure public confidence that everything was done correctly, I am asking the provincial auditor to review this transaction," Wall said in a statement on Monday.

"Our government will co-operate fully with this review and I look forward to the provincial auditor's findings," Wall said.

Government responds

Government spokesperson Kathy Young responded to the Opposition's demands for a recall.

"The NDP are politically grandstanding when they know full well the Provincial Auditor is the right person to review this matter independent of political interference, and that's exactly what is taking place," she said in a release.

She also noted that "the NDP have also called for an interim report from the Auditor, even after the Auditor clearly explained there is no such thing as an interim report under Generally Accepted Auditing Standards."

"The Auditor will release her report when she has completed her work and she needs to be able to conduct her work as she sees fit without any political interference," Young said.