Cabin spared from fireball in Nemeiben Lake, Sask.

Mark Paquette is breathing a huge sigh of relief after his cabin was spared from wildfires.

Mark Paquette and his wife had been sleeping in shifts on their boat for the past few nights

A picture taken by Mark Paquette just before fire raced over his cabin at Nemeiben Lake. His cabin was saved. (Submitted by Mark Paquette)

Mark Paquette is breathing a huge sigh of relief after his cabin was spared from wildfires.

On Wednesday morning he told CBC how he and his wife have been sleeping in their boat as flames came as close as 300 metres to his recreational property on Nemeiben Lake, north of La Ronge.

Later on Wednesday, he told CBC the fire passed over his cabin but left it standing. 

Paquette and his wife had been watering down their buildings with industrial-grade sprinklers. They also cut the brush around the property.

A screen grab of the video of the fire taken from Mark Paquette's dock. Late on Wednesday night Paquette said his cabin had been spared. (Submitted by Mark Paquette)

The couple said they have been sleeping in shifts, sometimes in their boat, as they wait out the fire, for safety reasons.

"When the fire is very close, and it's active, we basically pack everything up, we put it on our boat and we anchor out about 200-300 metres from the shore, depending on wind direction, of course."

Paquette saw the huge fire up close, and said it's very impressive.

"All of a sudden you'll hear, it's like the airport, you'll hear a jet sort of sound start up in the forest, followed by a really black smoke," he said. "Then you'll see basically a fireball race across the trees."


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