North Battleford shooting victim's brother says he was 'generous and kindhearted'

Landin Blanko is mourning the loss of his little brother, Brydon Whitstone, after he was shot and killed by North Battleford RCMP.

Brydon Whitstone, 22, died after being shot by RCMP during a car chase

RCMP say 22-year-old Brydon Bryce Whitstone was shot and killed by police in North Battleford. (Albert Whitstone)

Landin Blanko is mourning the loss of his little brother, Brydon Whitstone, after he was shot and killed by North Battleford RCMP.

Police received a call Saturday night from a man who said he was shot at from a vehicle. Police located the vehicle and pursued it, leading to a chase that ended with Whitstone's vehicle rammed against a police SUV.

Police fired "in response to the driver's actions" and wounded Whitstone. He died on the way to hospital.

Whitstone was a 22-year-old from Onion Lake First Nation.

"He was different. He was one of the most helpful people," said Blanko.

"He pushes people to be more outgoing and generous. If he saw someone who looked hungry, he'd say 'You hungry?' and if he had it, he'd offer it."

Whitstone looked up to 30-year-old Blanko, he said.

Blanko called his brother "the most generous and kindhearted person.
Brydon Whitstone was shot after a police chase at the intersection of 15th Avenue and 105th Street in North Battleford on Saturday evening. (David Hutton/CBC NEWS)

Brother questions incident

He feels the events surrounding Whitstone's death are "confusing."

He believes the RCMP were following the wrong vehicle, and that his brother was not the subject of the call to police prior to the chase.

​Blanko also said his brother was not a gang member, responding to information circulating on social media.

External investigation ongoing

The Regina Police Service is now investigating the circumstances surrounding Whitstone's death. 

The members involved in Saturday night's incident are "getting peer-to-peer support" and are not currently working, according to RCMP Chief Supt. Maureen Levy.

The RCMP cannot speak to specific details of the pursuit or shooting, since those details are now part of the investigation.

The police are asking anyone with information or tips to call Crime Stoppers anonymously or to contact the Regina Police Service.


Bridget Yard is the producer of CBC's Up North. She previously worked for CBC in New Brunswick and Saskatchewan as a video journalist and later transitioned to feature storytelling and radio documentaries.