Saskatoon soccer star's comeback from ACL tear captured in new mini-documentary

Brett Levis tore a ligament in his knee during his Major League Soccer debut with the Vancouver Whitecaps. His recovery has been chronicled in a new mini-documentary called Beating the Odds: A Saskatoon Soccer Story.

Brett Levis hopes his road to recovery inspires others

Saskatoon's Brett Levis begins is professional career on March 29 with the Vancouver Whitecaps. (Peter Mills/CBC)

When Saskatoon's Brett Levis stepped onto the field recently for his Major League Soccer debut, it was a dream come true, but it ended in a nightmare when he suffered a serious knee injury.

"I don't even remember being in pain but obviously watching the video it shows that I was," Levis said in an interview with CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning.

Levis tore his anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, an injury that leads to a long recovery, one that in Levis's case has been chronicled in a new mini-documentary Beating the Odds: A Saskatoon Soccer Story.

Levis, his body filled with adrenalin, finished the game that night, playing through the pain.

"It wasn't until after the game where my knee didn't feel right, I knew something was wrong," he said.

Saskatoon's Brett Levis is shown here in action with the Vancouver Whitecaps FC. (Jeff Vinnick)

Hopes film will help other athletes 

It wasn't long after the diagnosis that his team, the Vancouver Whitecaps, approached him to document the struggle to get back on the pitch.

"I knew in the grand scheme of things it would help people," Levis said.

In particular, Levis said, he hopes it can help other young athletes who suffer a serious injury.  

"So hopefully this is something that they can look at and relate to and see somebody that's going through that … maybe it will help them through that because they can see that I got back on the field."

Levis is now back at work playing with the Whitecaps farm team, and is working toward his return to the big league. 

with files from Saskatoon Morning