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Historian Bill Waiser lives in Saskatoon.

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Racism against immigrants is nothing new in Saskatchewan, it just looks a little different

Multiculturalism was never part of the original blueprint for Saskatchewan.

POINT OF VIEW | Many crucial WW II battles are all but forgotten. My father was wounded in one of them

Some battles that brought an end to the Second World War in Europe are largely forgotten, if even known. My father Ted took part in one of those battles in August 1944. Like many Canadian soldiers, he was lucky to have survived.

Shuttering of provincial archive locations means 'fewer of our stories being told'

Archives are like a laboratory where patrons work with primary sources to unlock and decipher the past. The closure of the Saskatoon branch of the PAS will mean that the public will have less direct access to these historical records.

'Opt-in' census clause will have 'unfortunate consequences'

Statistics Canada has just released new information about the Canadian workforce. It’s the last batch of aggregate data from the 2016 census. But when will the national spotlight shine on individual Canadians and their stories?

Sask. gov't email fiasco a scandal that's going to get worse

There’s another government records horror story coming out of Regina these days. And the scary part is that it’s probably only going to get worse.

Should Saskatchewan celebrate 2 birthdays?

Saskatchewan officially joined Confederation as a province 112 years ago (Sept. 4, 1905). It had been a long, at times acrimonious, struggle. But it was not over.

Good reason to wonder whether history is in good shape in Saskatchewan

Now that Canada Day is over and the Canada 150 veneer is stripped away, Bill Waiser asks whether history is hurting in Saskatchewan, especially given recent provincial budget cuts.

What did Saskatchewan look like in 1867?

Saskatchewan was not part of Canada in 1867. In fact, the future province was not even a Canadian province at the time.