Axe plunges through truck windshield as man is driving home

A Saskatoon man is defying the odds after an axe crashed through his truck windshield this month.

About a decade earlier, metal rod flew through same man's windshield

Mackenzie Peddle isn't sure what happened, except that he woke up after a normal drive with a hole in his windshield and an axe nearby. (Submitted by Mackenzie Peddle)

An axe flying through a vehicle's windshield sounds like something out of a horror movie, but it was a Saskatchewan man's reality earlier this month.

Electrician Mackenzie Peddle was driving home to Saskatoon after working in Yorkton, Sask., on May 16. It was a bright day and he had just passed a potash mine, about 100 kilometres from Saskatoon. Peddle was "just kind of excited to get home." 
Peddle says he's got a concussion and a cut to the head. (Submitted by Mackenzie Peddle)
Mackenzie Peddle said he came to with an axe in his truck. (Submitted by Mackenzie Peddle )

That's the last thing he remembers before he woke up about an hour later to the sound of a woman tapping on his driver's side window near Plunkett, Sask.

The woman had pulled over to see if Peddle was OK. He had been knocked out, and came to with a bloody head and a foggy memory. Somehow, his foot was on the brake and his truck was on the side of the road, but he does not recall doing any of those things. 
Mackenzie Peddle said many people have told him he's lucky to be alive. (Don Somers/CBC News)

"At that time I was really confused and kind of disoriented, as you could imagine. And then I remember her pointing over and seeing the axe beside me and then I was confused as to why that was there," Peddle said.

As the woman got him to call the RCMP and his boss, Peddle started piecing together that the axe was the culprit behind the cut in his forehead and his dizziness.

"I was just kind of in shock, I guess," he said.

No memories have come back to him since that day, and Peddle said the police don't have much to go on as far as where the mystery axe came from. The Humboldt RCMP confirms officers are investigating, but said no leads have come forward. Peddle remains unclear as to how the incident happened.

"My wife said I should mount it [the axe] on the wall as a reminder to make sure you're always tying down the load and making sure everything's safe before you leave," Peddle said.

2nd near-death experience

Peddle has survived not one but two jaw-droppingly improbable (and improbably similar) events in the past decade.

About a decade ago, he was driving on a highway near Kenosee Lake when a piece of rebar fell off a vehicle driving in the opposite direction. He saw a spark on the highway but had no idea what was to come next.
Peddle said people didn't believe that the rebar went through his windshield until he showed them these pictures. (Submitted by Mackenzie Peddle )

"[The rebar] hit the highway and bounced up and then it came through my window and just kind of went overtop of my shoulder and through my backseat and into my trunk. It sounded like a gunshot," Peddle said.

He was nicked in the shoulder and a bit of glass hit his face, but he was otherwise unscathed.
"It's just such a freak accident, something coming out of a movie," said Mackenzie Peddle. (Submitted by Mackenzie Peddle )

Still, whenever a rock hits his truck's window, he tenses up.

The person driving the vehicle that lost the rebar was never found.

Peddle said the most recent incident has spurred people to message him about similar things happening to them. It's led him to believe things like this aren't that rare.

"I was just kind of upset that it happened again and that things like this keep happening," he said.

"It's frustrating ... that people still don't tie down their loads, don't secure things in the back of their vehicles and are careless."