Yasmine Ghania


Yasmine Ghania is a reporter with CBC News, currently based in Saskatoon. Her work is featured on both national and local platforms. She has uncovered sexual abuse allegations at a private Christian school and deep problems within a police force in Saskatchewan. You can reach her confidentially by email: yasmine.ghania@cbc.ca or https://www.cbc.ca/securedrop/

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Saskatoon Tribal Council's new shelter opens in Fairhaven, downtown location to close Sunday

The 106-bed facility moved from downtown to the Fairhaven neighbourhood.

Man says it's 'unbelievable' he and 14 others got expired COVID vaccines at Sask. pharmacy

A Regina man is angry after learning he, his wife and about a dozen others were recently injected with expired COVID-19 vaccines.

Sask. farmers, researchers worry investor-bought land 'empties out the countryside'

Saskatchewan makes up about 40 per cent of Canada's farmland. Family farms own the vast majority of it, but researchers say large agriculture companies or investors who rent it out now control about two per cent.

Family demands answers after woman with bipolar disorder who wandered from Sask. hospital found dead

The family of a woman with bipolar disorder who wandered away from hospital and was found dead hours later want to know how she was able to leave the facility without staff intervening. 

'We're just bombarded with illness': Prairies see highest rates of positive flu tests in Canada

Prairie provinces have the worst rates of positive flu tests, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Saskatoon mother accused of faking death, abducting child faces more charges in Canada

Saskatoon police have laid more charges against a woman accused of faking her death, abducting her child and fleeing to the United States this past summer.

Megan Gallagher's family grateful but sad after Métis woman's remains identified

Megan Gallagher’s father says the days since his daughter’s remains were identified have been among the hardest for his family.

Sask. organizations call for more shelter spaces and support in wake of 2 freezing deaths

Organizations who work with homeless and vulnerable populations in Saskatchewan are concerned as the province’s frigid winter gets underway.

Tackle social issues that lead to incarceration, says Sask. advocate in wake of prison watchdog report

A Saskatchewan advocate says more support is needed to prevent people from ending up in prison, in the wake of a new report that says Canada has made very little progress in addressing the overrepresentation of Black and Indigenous people behind bars.

It seems like a lot of people are getting sick lately in Sask. What's going on?

COVID-19, influenza and other respiratory infections are all on the rise in Saskatchewan, according to the Ministry of Health.