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Scott Larson works for CBC News in Saskatoon.

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City of Regina proposes 2.34% tax increase in 2021 budget

Regina residents should find out Friday what kind of financial shape the city is in with the release of the proposed 2021 budget.

Prof says rare earth elements facility in Saskatoon could stabilize supply chain in North America

A new processing facility being built in Saskatoon could be part of the solution to a recent global shortage of computer chips and semiconductors for vehicles and electronics.

U of R physicist gets funding to help explain mysteries of the universe

A University of Regina physicist has been awarded $1.4 million to take part in a massive project aimed at detecting neutrinos.

Advocacy group sets up GoFundMe page to help female inmates at Pine Grove Correctional Centre in Sask.

An inmate advocacy group has set up a GoFundMe page to support inmates at the Pine Grove Correctional Centre in Prince Albert, Sask.

Sask. trucker says he can't access certain health-care services because he crosses the border

Christopher Worsley said there has to be certain exceptions to the international travel rule to allow truckers like him that have to cross the border to still be able to access health-care services.

Uber driver fighting to be reimbursed by city after construction sign falls on his vehicle

An Uber driver wants city to reimburse him after construction sign hits his vehicle.

Searchers find man missing north of La Ronge in the nick of time

George Venne Jr.'s trip to spend a couple of days at his remote cabin north of La Ronge, Sask., turned into a life and death struggle when his snowmobile broke down in –40 C temperatures.

Tow trucks getting boost in business from bitterly cold temperatures

The extreme cold is making it very hard to get around outside whether on foot or in a vehicle. Tow trucks were backed up fielding calls from stranded motorists or those who couldn’t get their vehicles going Monday morning in temperatures that felt like -50 with the windchill.

Idea of locating new Saskatoon school in Optimist Park concerns local resident

Saskatoon Public Schools is looking at a new location for a huge school in the core neighbourhoods, but the proposed site isn’t being met with community-wide support.

ER doctor's quick thinking likely saved numerous lives in Saskatoon apartment building, fire chief says

A Saskatoon emergency room physician's quick thinking may have saved lives last week after he alerted the fire department to a possible carbon monoxide leak at an east-side apartment.