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Pratyush Dayal covers climate change, immigration and race and gender issues among general news for CBC News in Saskatchewan. He has previously written for the Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun, and the Tyee. He holds a master's degree in journalism from UBC and can be reached at

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Regina man swamped with parcels realizes they are elements of an online scam

A Regina man is getting swamped with parcels, and they're not Christmas gifts.

Sask. government approval brings new biggest uranium project in Canada closer to reality

Saskatchewan could be the location for the new biggest uranium mining project in Canada. NexGen Energy is the first company in more than 20 years to receive full provincial environmental assessment approval for a greenfield uranium project in Saskatchewan.

Moe stands by social media post accusing Sask. NDP of 'supporting antisemitism'

Premier Scott Moe has spoken out about what he called an "antisemitic chant" used during a pro-Palestinian demonstration at the legislature this week.

Saskatchewan leads provinces in rates of intimate partner violence with no end in sight

Brenda Ottenbreit says she spent her marriage walking on eggshells while dealing with her husband's abuse. She is not alone. Saskatchewan is continuing to see a surge in intimate partner violence rates that advocates say are more than double the national average.

Saskatchewan to stop holding back income assistance from First Nations people who receive settlement payments

The Government of Saskatchewan announced Wednesday that it will stop withholding income assistance from First Nations people who receive more than $15,000 in per capita distributions from settlements.

Sask. First Nations call on province, feds to rescind policy that withholds income assistance for recipients

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations says it is frustrated with the federal and provincial government’s financial policy that withholds income assistance from First Nation citizens who receive per capita distributions from settlements, known as "specific claims," of more than $15,000.

International students, advocates say Canada should permanently lift 20-hour work cap

International students and advocacy groups in Canada say Ottawa's temporary removal of the cap on hours the students can work off campus each week should be made permanent.

'He loves being an artist': Sask. teen teaches horse to paint

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Well, this Saskatchewan teen has taught her horse to paint. Meet Ella Wall and her horse, Tuff. Wall has already sold dozens of paintings made by Tuff.

Prince Albert, Sask., man relieved after wife and kids make it safely out of Gaza

Abdullah Algherbawi is finally relieved after weeks of sleepless nights. His family, who were stuck in Gaza amidst the ongoing war, have made it to safety in Egypt. 

'Act of heroism': Family says 2 men who fell through ice died trying to save children

A Saskatchewan family is mourning after the loss of three members, including a seven-year-old girl.