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Pratyush Dayal covers climate change, immigration and race and gender issues among general news for CBC News in Saskatchewan. He has previously written for the Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun, and the Tyee. He holds a master's degree in journalism from UBC and can be reached at

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Sask. woman gives birth on floor of a townhouse after being sent away from hospital

A Stockholm, Sask., couple says they will be skeptical about taking their three children to Yorkton Regional Hospital after their experience being turned away shortly before the birth of their now-one-month-old child.

Experts and educators say viral AI tool ChatGPT brings challenges

ChatGPT allows users to type in a question or a task, and the software provides a response designed to mimic a human. Experts and educators say it can be used for writing academic papers, exams or nefarious purposes.

Experts say the sun may set on Sunwing as the airline struggles to keep its operations afloat

This week alone, Sunwing has cut half of its remaining winter flights from Saskatoon and all winter flights out of Regina, leaving many plans upside down once again.

SLGA liquor store employees go from 'disbelief to sadness to now anger' as severance packages offered: union

The Saskatchewan government is offering a severance deal to hundreds of Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority liquor store employees who are losing their jobs.

University of Saskatchewan chemist says it might be the time to let go of gas stoves

If you like to cook with gas appliances, you may want to rethink your choice. University of Saskatchewan chemist Tara Kahan says the pollutants from gas stoves can be dangerous.

Pharmacists say shortage of cold, flu and pain medication continues in Saskatchewan

Soaring and sustained demand for cold and flu medication is forcing pharmacists and patients to contend with shortages across Saskatchewan.

Hockey event in Saskatoon gives blind kids a chance to strap on skates

Dreams came true in a Saskatoon hockey rink Tuesday afternoon as blind and partially blind kids hit the ice alongside the University of Saskatchewan Huskies men's hockey team.

Experts weigh in on the future of flights in Saskatchewan after a month of service disruptions

Sunwing cancelling its flights out of Saskatchewan until Feb. 3 and Air Canada no longer offering direct flights from Saskatoon and Regina to Calgary starting in mid-January is changing the future of air travel in the province.

Canadians impacted by Sunwing cancellations and delays want a class-action lawsuit against the airline

A group on social media service WhatsApp called ‘Sunwing Class Action' has more than 700 members and is growing.

Hundreds of Sask. residents finally make their way home after being stranded in Cuba almost a week

Hundreds of Saskatchewan residents stranded in Cuba have finally found their way back home after Sunwing cancellations disrupted their plans.