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Jason Warick is a reporter with CBC Saskatoon.

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Millions meant for residential school survivors spent on Catholic Church lawyers, administration: documents

The Catholic Church spent millions of dollars that were supposed to go to residential school survivors on lawyers, administration, a private fundraising company and unapproved loans, according to documents obtained by CBC News.

First Nations coalition demands top Sask. judge resign over residential school file dispute

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations is demanding the resignation of one of Saskatchewan's top judges after he did not immediately release a residential school file.

Residential school survivors demand Sask. court release Catholic compensation document

A Catholic Church document claiming the church provided $25 million of "in-kind services" to residential school survivors is sitting inside a Regina courthouse, but officials are refusing to release it.

Toronto, Calgary Catholics join Sask. in fundraising drive for residential school survivors

Catholics in two of Canada's largest cities are resurrecting their fundraising efforts for residential school survivors. They join Saskatchewan's five bishops, who made a similar announcement two weeks ago.

Sask. Catholic bishops forge ahead alone with fundraising campaign for residential school survivors

Saskatchewan bishops are releasing more details of a fundraising campaign for residential school survivors, but none of their colleagues across Canada appear to be joining them.

Calls for Roman Catholics to boycott Sunday mass spread beyond Saskatchewan

First Nations leaders in Canada are calling on the Catholic Church to pay the full $25 million promised to residential school survivors in 2005 as part of a settlement. So far, just $4 million has been raised by the church.

Sask. Catholic bishops resurrect fundraising campaign for residential school survivors

Catholic bishops in Saskatchewan are restarting fundraising efforts for residential school survivors and their families. The announcement follows calls for a church boycott until action is taken to fulfil the $25-million fundraising pledge made by church bodies in the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement.

Catholic Church dedicated nearly $300M for buildings since promising residential school survivors $25M in 2005

In 2015, Catholic officials argued in court they could only fundraise a total of $3.9 million for residential school survivors, but efforts for Catholic cathedrals and other buildings across Canada reached nearly $300 million since November 2005, according to data gathered by CBC News.

Priest slams 'pitiful' lack of Catholic fundraising for residential school survivors

A Catholic priest is speaking out against his own church, saying he's ashamed it used a legal "loophole" to escape its $25-million promise to residential school survivors.

Critics blast Catholic Church for spending after commitment to residential school survivors went unmet

A growing chorus across Canada is demanding the Catholic Church pay the full $25 million it once promised to residential school survivors — saying it's shameful for the money to remain unpaid while tens of millions are spent on elaborate church buildings.