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University of Saskatchewan engineer says cause of Husky oil spill not a 1-time event

Ground movement that led to a break in a Husky Energy oil pipeline happens often along Saskatchewan riverbanks, according to a geology engineer at the University of Saskatchewan.

Paramedics honoured for heroics during La Loche school shooting

Two first-responders from the Keewatin Yatthe Regional Health Authority, Kalvin Jones and Darryl Morin, were the proud recipients of the Lieutenant Governor’s Bravery Awards in a ceremony held in Regina on Monday.

Gratitude: You don't need a feast to reflect on the good things in life

Saying thanks and showing gratitude isn't something you need to save for Thanksgiving, it's something people should reflect on daily to ensure a happy, healthy life, according to parenting columnist Ann Douglas.

'This is a betrayal': Brad Wall slams Justin Trudeau for carbon pricing deadline

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed a federal carbon-pricing deadline all provinces must comply with by 2018 - or the federal government will impose a price. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall calls the surprise carbon tax announcement "disrespectful."

Soldiers of Odin Canada says group not the same as what's going on overseas

The Soldiers of Odin Canada may share the same name as an anti-refugee and anti-immigration group formed in Finland, but it claims its mission statement is anything but the same.

Is homework helpful or harmful for student development?

A viral social media post has once again sparked the debate surrounding homework and whether or not it’s healthy or detrimental to a child’s learning.

Canada can easily meet China's demand for clean canola: analyst

China wants Canadian canola shipments to have less non-canola material in it, a requirement a commodities analyst says producers here can meet.

Tornado turns family home to rubble near Melville, Sask.

Jamie Simpson and her family lost everything in the blink of an eye after a tornado carved out a path of destruction on their farmyard.

Catherine McKay gets 10 years for killing Van de Vorst family in car crash

Catherine McKay has received a sentence of 10 years in a federal penitentiary after a crash in January killed four people just outside Saskatoon.

30 km waterline from Prince Albert to South Sask. River won't be ready until Friday

A waterline connecting the South Saskatchewan River to the city of Prince Albert’s water treatment plant won’t be ready until at least Friday, officials say, due to unforeseen circumstances on the ground.