Delaney Seiferling

Delaney Seiferling is a communications consultant and writer, specializing in Saskatchewan agriculture.

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Can we ferment our way to more food security?

Historically, fermentation was used to extend the shelf life of food. Now, it’s being harnessed to produce more nutritious food, in a more environmentally friendly way.

Sask. farmers embracing locally developed ag tech

Economic and environmental pressures have farmers turning increasingly to ag tech to make their operations as efficient as possible – and, in turn, it's helping develop the industry in Saskatchewan.
First Person

What it's like to be a new mom during the COVID-19 pandemic

Does it kind of feel like a grenade exploded right into the middle of your normal life when the pandemic began? Same here, but my grenade was a five-pound human being.  

'Sustainable' is a trendy word in the food industry — but farmers aren't getting enough credit for it

Some industries were “sustainable” long before it was marketable but they are not necessarily benefiting from this marketing trend. In fact, one of the more progressive industries in terms of environmental sustainability is also one being heavily scrutinized right now: agriculture.

Everyone's responsibility: Don't let emotion influence how health information is acted upon in the digital age

"I know I should be grateful to be alive at a time when we have easy access to so much valuable information," writes Delaney Seiferling. "Instead, I feel overwhelmed, especially as a pregnant woman and a new mom."