Danny Kerslake

Danny Kerslake is an award-winning journalist who has worked in radio stations across Western Canada. In his career with CBC Saskatchewan, Danny has reported from every corner of the province and has lived and worked in Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert. Danny is a newsreader and digital AP for CBC Saskatoon.

Latest from Danny Kerslake

La Ronge students thrilled to see peat moss petition presented in Saskatchewan legislature

A Grade 7 class from the Lac La Ronge Indian Band started an online petition to stop a peat moss company from operating nearby. It was presented recently in the Saskatchewan Legislature.

Police charge 2 teens with attempted murder after machete attack in Saskatoon back alley

Police in Saskatoon say two male teenagers have been charged with attempted murder after a machete attack this week left a woman with serious injuries.

Saskatchewan Penitentiary leads nation's prisons in active COVID-19 cases

Saskatchewan Penitentiary now has the dubious distinction of having more known active COVID-19 cases among inmates than any other federal prison in the country.

Hobbit hole landscaping project draws curious crowds in Saskatoon

Lily and Raven are the newcomers who’ve generated so much curiosity and excitement. Their home is modest, built into the ground to stay cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. It’s a solid, welcoming home, with a bright blue door.

One family's race to witness the birth of their baby boy during the pandemic

Robyn Renyard and her husband faced challenges on their journey to be in Saskatchewan as a surrogate gave birth to their new baby boy.

Sask. expat in U.K. taking part in human trial of COVID-19 vaccine

Tiffany Cassidy is on the front lines against the pandemic after volunteering to take part in a human trial of a promising COVID-19 vaccine developed by scientists in Oxford.

Don't blame bats for COVID-19, says University of Saskatchewan researcher

A U of S researcher says there is no evidence that COVID-19 jumped to humans from bats.

Saskatoon fashion designer loses irreplaceable collection to opportunistic thief

Saskatoon fashion designer Stephanie Gamble says key parts of her collection were stolen from her unlocked Jeep last week.

Saskatoon woman wants bylaw to protect walkers from extension cords across sidewalks

Marcia Provensano is asking city hall to require people to mark their extension cords as a warning to pedestrians who might be walking past.

Chemist researching impacts of poor indoor air quality

Normally, when the topic of air quality come up, people think about the outdoors, but a researcher at the University of Saskatchewan is looking inside, exploring the impact of the air indoors.