Dan Zakreski

Dan Zakreski is a reporter for CBC Saskatoon.

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Mystery vibration rattles Saskatoon homeowners while manufacturing plant hunts for cause

People who live behind a manufacturing plant on 1st Avenue North want someone to stop their houses from vibrating.

Saskatoon police investigating complaint against Epic Alliance group of companies

The Saskatoon Police Service's economic crime unit is investigating a complaint by an Ontario investor against the Epic Alliance group of companies.

Investigator couldn't determine what exactly happened to $211M raised by failed Saskatoon real estate group

A court-appointed investigator says the public may never know exactly what happened to the $211 million raised by the Epic Alliance group of companies.

Police in Saskatoon still investigating April shooting death of Shedane Favel, court told

Saskatoon police are still trying to figure out what happened the morning that Shedane Favel, 27, was fatally shot near St. Paul's Hospital.

Accused in 2017 murder arrested while serving sentence at Saskatchewan Penitentiary

A 22-year-old man who had been serving time at Saskatchewan Penitentiary for a different offence is now charged with first-degree murder in connection with a Nov. 4, 2017, shooting in Saskatoon.

Sask. drug-related roadside driving suspensions in 2021 a sixfold increase over 2 years ago

SGI says that 523 drivers last year had their vehicles seized after they tested positive for THC on roadside tests.

Crown, defence present closing arguments in Leo Daniels murder trial

The Crown and defence both agree that Leo Daniels robbed Richard Fernuk in 2019. Now a Saskatoon judge must decide whether Daniels murdered him as well.

3 teens charged with 2nd-degree murder in weekend Saskatoon shooting

Three teens are now in custody charged with second-degree murder after a shooting in Saskatoon on April 24.

Surprise twist in Saskatoon murder trial turns on Boss suit jacket worn by accused

The Crown and defence in the Leo Daniels murder trial jousted over the provenance of a suit jacket worn by Daniels.

Accused killer in Saskatoon murder trial testifies about encounter with victim

Leo Daniels testified Thursday at his first-degree murder trial,