Dan Zakreski

Dan Zakreski is a reporter for CBC Saskatoon.

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3rd accused in Danny Tsannie 2015 homicide pleads guilty to manslaughter

The last of three people charged with killing a Saskatoon teen in 2015 is going to prison.

U.S. court documents reveal history of alleged 'Russian mafia associate' arrested in Saskatoon

Court documents from Ohio detail the long and winding road taken by Alex Alexidze from the Republic of Georgia to a Saskatoon jail cell.

Alleged 'Russian mafia associate' arrested in Saskatoon served time in Ohio prison for visa fraud

A 48-year-old man described by Saskatoon police as a "documented Russian mafia associate" once served prison time in Ohio for charges similar to what he's now facing in Canada.

Family, friends mourn champion grass dancer Angose Standingwater after homicide

Family and friends are remembering Angose Standingwater as a hard-working family man and champion grass dancer.

Judge greenlights accused killer Greg Fertuck's application to re-examine Crown witnesses

The latest twist in the Greg Fertuck murder trial will see Fertuck re-examining two Crown witnesses.

Ivan Martell guilty of 1st degree murder in 2020 death of Allison Moosehunter in Saskatoon

A judge in Saskatoon convicted Ivan Martell of first-degree murder in the 2020 death of Allison Moosehunter.

U of S prof skeptical of 'significant reduction' in contact interviews reported by Saskatoon police

The lead researcher on a University of Saskatchewan study looking at street checks is skeptical about the latest statistics from Saskatoon police.

Third person sentenced for role in dumping Megan Gallagher's body in river after her murder

A 42-year-old Saskatoon man is going to jail for his role in disposing of murder victim Megan Gallagher's body.

Investors burned by real estate company Epic Alliance want fines, bans and compensation from founders

Investors who lost hundreds of millions collectively when Saskatoon's Epic Alliance collapsed last year want the company's owners fined and banned from future trading.

Court report details how 2019 murder triggered gang war in Regina

A report submitted during a recent attempted murder trial in Regina reveals the history and fluid relationships between street gangs in the city.