Craig Silliphant

Craig Silliphant is a writer, editor, critic, broadcaster, and creative director based in Saskatoon. He released his latest book, Nothing You Do Matters, in March 2022. Follow him on Twitter @craigsilliphant.

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Civility in the age of rage: why we need to work together and calm down

Is it just me, or do we all seem to be a lot angrier these days?
First Person

Fall weather has mice invading my home. I say bring 'em on

As the weather turns to fall, mice want indoors. They’ve been roaming the streets with impunity, smoking and playing dice in the alleys, and now they’re recruiting a gang to invade our homes.
First Person

Why generation Xers threw aside our apathy and embraced vaccines

It’s a gen X thing. We’re apathetic about everything. Except, apparently, vaccinations.

The joys of being a middle-aged COVID winter shut-in

I have friends that are outdoor people. They’re clearly stricken with some sort of madness.

'Christmas is more powerful than COVID': Why I silenced my inner Grinch and decorated early this year

The virus has taken many of our livelihoods and some of our loved ones, but it can’t take feelings we’ve tucked deep within the stockings of our minds.

Avast! Patrolling for pandemic porch pirates

“Ahoy! I see thars a package fer ye! I think I’ll plunder it for meself!”

Drivers often entitled and distracted — and that's no fun for pedestrians

You need a licence to drive. It’s a privilege, not a right. But the pedestrian ends up being the second-class traffic citizen, simply for having the gall to be on foot. 

Arguing again over whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie? Consider this

Maybe we have more hand than we think in deciding what a Christmas movie is, as individuals, and as a culture.

Knock, knock. Who cares? or: How I learned to stop worrying and love ignoring people at my door

People are fussin’ and fightin’ over the issues of the day (or the mudslinging of the hour on Twitter). Lawn signs are out in full. The part that scares me the most? The door knockers.

Saskatoon's Imax is actually a 'Liemax'

Movie lovers in Saskatoon were thrilled to hear about the new Imax Theatre, but we’ve been had by Hollywood again.