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Chelsea Laskowski is a web writer with CBC Saskatoon.

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An overabundance of space: How Saskatoon's big venues are functioning in a pandemic

The event-planning business carries on, even during a pandemic. But the head of events at Saskatoon's Sheraton and CEO TCU Place say the cancellations are stacking up.

Mother of overdose victim says merchandise for Saskatoon consumption site brought unexpected emotions

Only one of five new designs for a merchandise series for Saskatchewan's safe consumption site uses a real person as inspiration. The mother of that man shares what it was like to see it.

Meet two best friends with Down Syndrome who are navigating their pet-care business through the pandemic

Ali Cole-Johnson and Britany Brinsky, who are best friends, a business duo and have Down Syndrome, are taking on the peaks and valleys of pet-care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wedding dreams, a pandemic and a regrettable 'error': How a Sask. government email misled on wedding sizes

An optimistic bride in Saskatchewan who was holding out hope that the 30-person limit on wedding receptions will lift this summer was misled by a government email incorrectly stating receptions would rise to 150 in July.

Saskatoon woman with COVID-19-like symptoms says it took 5 days to get tested after referral

A Saskatoon woman who thinks she has COVID-19 says she waited five days to get tested after being told she would receive a call to arrange an appointment.

Look out N95. A group from the U of S is engineering a new mask

An engineering team at the U of S says it's a month out from creating a N95-class respiratory mask.

A beginner's guide to video chatting in the age of physical distancing

How is social isolation treating you? Maybe you're missing your best friend's face. All it takes is a little bit of equipment and a little bit of tech know-how to make a video call happen.

2 tales of Sask. women stranded abroad: For one, a mad dash to get home; for another, fear of flight

Regina's Sydney Harrison is grateful to be home after a mad dash onto a flight from Argentina, but not every Saskatchewan resident who is abroad is eager to hop on a plane right now.

How COVID-19 is affecting the bottom line in Sask.'s biggest industries

People working out in the field who will bear the brunt of economic factors combined with the spread if COVID-19 in Saskatchewan, says a representative with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

Sask. First Nation chief prepared for COVID-19 pandemic weeks before it hit

Late last week when semi-trailers pulled up to the grocery store on Pasqua First Nation and started off-loading packages of cleaning supplies, medicine, toilet paper and dry food, people started wondering what it was all for.