Brian Pfefferle

Brian Pfefferle is a Saskatoon criminal lawyer and sessional instructor at the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan.

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Police can — and should — enforce COVID-19 health orders in Saskatchewan

As a lawyer, I’m here to speak to those questioning whether the police have the power to enforce these public health orders.

Handgun bans no silver bullet in attacking senseless gun crime

Is a nation-wide handgun ban a necessary restriction on individual liberty?

We should all be watching the Carolyn Strom appeal

Anyone who believes that the health care system should ensure the protection of patients should be watching an upcoming appeal of a Saskatchewan nurse in a freedom of expression case involving critical Facebook comments.

Determining 'appropriate' sentence for semi driver in Humboldt Broncos crash is an impossible task for courts

The man facing 29 charges stemming from the Humboldt Broncos bus crash pleaded guilty but his sentence won't be known until Friday. 

No sentence handed down by court can be commensurate with devastating toll of Humboldt crash

The man facing 29 charges stemming from the Humboldt Broncos bus crash pleaded guilty this week, but his sentence won't be known until later this month.

New impaired driving laws could unintentionally criminalize sober drivers

With new impaired driving laws coming into effect in Saskatchewan on Sept. 1, a lawyer provides his take on how changes at the federal level might impact drivers as well.

Gerald Stanley's defence of a hang fire 'accident' key to jury decision

By definition, a pure accident should rarely attract criminal consequences, but in the high-profile trial of Gerald Stanley, the accused told a jury this week that he didn't mean to shoot Colten Boushie.

We don't have to agree with jury's decision in Gerald Stanley case, but we must respect it

The shooting of Colten Boushie truly polarized many in the province and indeed the country. While we don't have to agree with the jury's decision to find Gerald Stanley not guilty in Boushie's death, we must respect it, according to defence lawyer Brian Pfefferle.

Calling Gerald Stanley's son as Crown witness was the right move

Two veteran Crown prosecutors in the Gerald Stanley trial appear to be taking some heat on social media for calling the accused's son, Sheldon Stanley, as their witness Wednesday during the high-profile Battleford, Sask., murder trial. So why did the Crown call Sheldon Stanley?

Why an all-white jury in Gerald Stanley trial is possible

Some 700 potential jurors will be summoned for duty in this in the homicide case of Colten Boushie. The selection of any jury is truly more of an art than a science.