MacKenzie Art Gallery nixes free admission in favour of $10 fee

On June 10, the gallery begin charging a $10 adult admission fee.

Core membership fees have been reduced and people under 17 will continue to have free admission

The MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina, Sask. (MacKenzie Art Gallery/Facebook)

A trip to Regina's MacKenzie Art Gallery — which is currently free — will soon cost art lovers $10.

On June 10 the gallery will up its adult admission fee. People under 17 will still be allowed in without charge.

Some prices have dipped, though. A "core membership" for one person will cost $30 a year while a double membership will cost $55 down from $50 and $75, respectively.

Ensure another 66 years

Exhibition of paintings by Levine Flexhaug at the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina, Saskatchewan.
The gallery's Executive Director and CEO Anthony Kiendl is proud of the institution's 66 years.

Admission prices are rising to ensure another 66 years, he said.

"This is just one of several things we're doing to ensure we can be robust and vital to offer the world-class programs that people have become accustomed to."

The gallery has lost some funding, but Kiendl points out the MacKenzie has had successful fundraising campaigns.

We're just trying to ensure our sustainability- Anthony Kiendl, Executive Director and CEO of the Mackenzie Art Gallery

"We're just trying to ensure our sustainability, to diversify our revenues and make sure we don't fall behind," he said.

There is a commitment to remain accessible, despite the introduction of an admission fee.

"We're working with community groups, say, for new immigrants to Canada or those that might not otherwise be able to visit the gallery," said Kiendl.

Anthony Kiendl, executive director and CEO of Mackenzie Art Gallery, said the agreement means a sense of financial security for many recipients. (CBC News)

There will some sort of membership for these groups, and school tours will continue as usual.

Kiendl says there are also plans to offer free admission days with the help of corporate sponsors.