Are people in Saskatchewan good tippers?

Opinions in Saskatchewan vary on who gets a tip, how much to tip, and under what circumstances you shouldn't bother giving one.

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Patrons soak up the sun on the Yard and Flagon's rooftop patio in Saskatoon. (CBC)

As summer approaches, many people are more likely to buy gas, stay in a hotel or eat out. So, when is it appropriate to provide a little bit extra for a service?

"Tipping is always optional," Lew Bayer, the president of Civility Experts — an etiquette and manners consulting firm in Winnipeg — told CBC News in a recent interview.

Bayer adds people should consider how they go about leaving a tip.

"If you feel inclined to begrudgingly throw your loose change at the server, don't bother," she said. "No amount of money really makes up for treating a service person disrespectfully."