Annual zombie invasion thrills Saskatoon Fringe Festival crowd

It’s a Saskatoon Fringe Festival favourite, and the title of this street show, The Undead Newlyweds, reveals the theme, but it’s not all gore and horror.

Street show The Undead Newlyweds a fan favourite

Tara Lambert and Chris without the Hat stopped by CBC's Saskatoon studios to talk about their hit street show The Undead Newlyweds. (CBC)

It's a Saskatoon Fringe Festival favourite, and the title of this street show, The Undead Newlyweds, reveals the theme, but it's not all gore and horror.

"It takes a very long time to develop a street show that's super popular," said Chris without the Hat.

This show is popular.

"Street performing is one of the most raw forms of entertainment because you are gathering in your own audience and your audience will immediately tell you if they are not interested," said Chris.

The Undead Newlyweds is a family friendly, comedic circus performance with juggling and fire, all with a zombie twist.

Plus, there is a death defying act that involves an audience member.

Tara Lambert performs the hit street show The Undead Newlyweds at the Saskatoon Fringe Festival. (Peter Mills/CBC)

"As a good story goes, we put that volunteer in harm's way," said Chris.

What may not be readily apparent to that volunteer, and to everyone else gathered on the streets to watch the show, is that the lucky audience member is actually safe (a secret, according to Chris).

The fire comes courtesy of the bride played by Tara Lambert.

"I got into fire performing through a few friends who took me under their wing and have been teaching me some great skills," she said.

This is not the first time The Undead Newlyweds has graced the pavement on Broadway Avenue as part of the fringe festival. The crowd here loves the show, and the zombie bride and groom say the feeling is mutual.

"You city is absolutely fantastic. This festival, the Saskatoon Fringe Festival is so well run that it is a pleasure to include it on our tour every year," said Lambert. 


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