Animals remembered at candle-light ceremony

Animals lovers in Saskatoon raise awareness about animal adoptions.

Saskatoon SPCA holds 'Remember Me Thursday' vigil at Cyr Memorial Park

Saskatoon SPCA holds 'Remember Me Thursday' vigil at Cyr Memorial Park. (CBC)
The SPCA's Patricia Cameron, with a cherished pet, at the 'Remember Me Thursday' vigil for animal adoptions. (CBC)
Animal lovers in Saskatoon and around the world gathered Thursday night for candle-lighting ceremonies.

The Remember Me Thursday global awareness campaign shines a light on the many healthy pets still waiting to be adopted. It also honours all shelter animals that died during the past year.

Patricia Cameron, with the Saskatoon SPCA, says pets give us more than just companionship.

"Just feeling appreciation and gratitude is very good for us. It's spiritually and physically healing," Cameron said. "And when we treat animals with respect and compassion, that translates with all of our dealings with our fellow creatures on the planet."

This is the first time the Saskatoon SPCA has participated in the Remember Me Thursday vigil.

The campaign had its inaugural event in 2013 when some 139 countries participated.

Remember Me Thursday asks organizations and individuals to dedicate the fourth Thursday of September to remembering the orphan animals that lost their lives over the last year without the benefit of a loving home.

Cameron hopes it encourages people to adopt pets and reduces the number of animals euthanized each year.

"The biggest problem in homeless pets is always cats. They breed on the same cycle as a rabbit does," Cameron said. "So an unspayed [or] unneutered cat can create a lot of kittens in a short period of time."

The Saskatoon SPCA says about 4,000 animals end up at its shelter every year.

Supporters of the SPCA, and their pets, participated in a 'Remember Me Thursday' vigil in Saskatoon. (CBC)