Blogger maps every fishing hole, campsite and hiking trail in Sask.

A Saskatchewan travel blogger spent more than a year compiling hundreds of lakes, hiking trails and campgrounds across the province into a map.

Andy Goodson spent more than a year compiling the massive map

Blogger Andy Goodson spent more than a year compiling a comprehesive map of Saskatchewan's outdoor features. (Submitted by Andy Goodson)

For more than a year, Saskatchewan travel blogger Andy Goodson has pored over satellite images and government maps to create a comprehensive list of every campsite, hiking trail and fishing spot in the province.

"There's an insane amount of data in that map," said Goodson. "It's years of research and painstaking work to make it, to be honest."

Goodson and a group of friends run a blog detailing their adventures in Saskatchewan's back country, writing about their discoveries and experiences.

While he started the blog as a useful way to plan his own trips, he soon realized that others could benefit from his work as well.

"Honestly, all of the information is publicly available," he said. "I just wanted to put it into an easily digestible format."

So far, the map has generated a lot of excitement in Saskatchewan's outdoors community.

Goodson said he's just happy to be able to tell people about the hidden gems in the province's wilderness.

"Saskatchewan is more than just its provincial parks," he said. "There's all sorts of amazing places you can find. A lot of those free recreation sites are just one-off campsites that are completely deserted for most of the year."

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