Amanda Lindhout shares her captivity story in Saskatoon

Amanda Lindhout was held in captivity in Somalia for 460 days. She was released unharmed five years ago. Lindhout told her story to the Morning Edition and Saskatoon Morning.

Author in Saskatoon to talk about the book she wrote about being held captive in Somalia for 460 days

Amanda Lindhout was taken hostage in Somalia. (Handout photo/Canadian Press)

The recent deaths of two American journalists have brought up a lot of emotions for Amanda Lindhout. 

The Canadian woman was held in captivity in Somalia for 460 days. She was released five years ago.

Lindhout has written about her experiences in a book called A House in the Sky. She will be in Saskatoon to read from the book this upcoming weekend at the Word on the Street Festival.

She spoke to Saskatoon Morning and the Morning Edition about surviving her ordeal in advance of her appearance in Saskatoon. 

Lindhout also spoke about the recent murders of James Foley and Steven Sotloff, two American journalists killed at the hands of ISIS militants.

"It's really triggered a lot of memories for me," Lindhout said.

Lindhout had been in touch with Foley's mother during his captivity.

"She took some solace from the fact that I had survived," she said. "Unfortunately it didn't work out like that with her son."

Lindhout said all reporters, freelance or veteran, travelling in dangerous places should be prepared for what they might face. 

"Any journalist is really putting their life in danger, and yet these stories are so important and need to be told," Lindhout said. "So how do we tell these stories and keep the storyteller safe?"

You can hear Amanda Lindhout on the Morning Edition at 7:15 a.m. CST and on Saskatoon Morning at about 7:10 a.m this morning.