5 things you should know about poppy etiquette for Remembrance Day

With Remembrance Day coming up, here are some tips about wearing the red flower.

List of things you should know when wearing Remembrance Day poppy

“The meaning of the poppy is to remember our fallen soldiers,” said Rosemary Ferguson. (Victoria Dinh/CBC )

With Remembrance Day taking place this week, poppies have been gracing lapels, sweaters and jackets everywhere. The red flowers are worn to commemorate fallen soldiers of past wars dating back to the First World War, leading up until today.

With help from Rosemary Ferguson, president of the Nutana Branch 362 of the Royal Canadian Legion, CBC News has compiled a list of five things you should know when wearing a poppy.

Rosemary Ferguson, president of the Nutana Branch 362 of the Royal Canadian Legion, is busy at work preparing for tomorrow's ceremony. (Victoria Dinh/CBC)

Where should you wear your poppy?

Ferguson said poppies should be worn on the left hand side of the body over top of the heart.

"It's not disrespectful if it's somewhere else on your clothing – that is just fine," she said

What is an acceptable colour or style of poppy?

The colour and style of a poppy should not make a difference, according to Ferguson. She said it's the meaning behind it for the person sporting the poppy that really matters. It doesn't matter if you have a knitted one, a beaded one or even a white one.

A knitted poppy worn by a Royal Canadian Legion museum volunteer. (Victoria Dinh/CBC)

Is there a specific way a poppy should be pinned to help it stay put?

Ferguson said this differs from person to person, but she prefers the hidden pin approach to prevent any sharp pricks.

Step one: stick the pin through the left side, over the heart. (Victoria Dinh/CBC)
Step two: secure the pin so it won't easily prick your body. (Victoria Dinh/CBC)
Step three: enjoy the finished product. (Victoria Dinh/CBC)

Is it OK to put a decorative pin through the middle of the poppy to keep it secure?

"It is OK," said Ferguson. "I mean, it's the fact that we like to see the poppy on the outfit and if that's what's needed, then we'll accept that."

How long should you wear your poppy?

"Take it off after Nov. 11 because that's when you leave it at the graveside," said Ferguson. "That's technically what it originally was all about. You take your poppy and you placed it on the graveside."

Where you put the poppy after Nov. 11 is entirely up to you.

She said the most common place for the red flowers is by memorials of loved ones.