4-year-old Sask. girl takes sled ride with pet chicken

"I asked her about it and she said, 'Mom, it wasn't an idea. It was a plan,'" said mother Tenille Poole.

Mother recorded video as girl slid down hill with avian friend

Four-year-old Lennon Poole with her chicken Chickyboo. (Rottwood Acres/Facebook)

Tenille Poole has no idea where her daughter got the notion to slide down a hill with her pet chicken, Chickyboo.

This past weekend, four-year-old Lennon Poole got out her blue plastic saucer sled, grabbed her feathered friend and headed for the snow.

"I don't know where she comes up with most of her ideas," said Tenille. 

"I asked her about it and she said, 'Mom, it wasn't an idea. It was a plan.'"

Sask. girl takes sled ride with pet chicken

1 year ago
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Sask. girl takes sled ride with pet chicken

Lennon lives with her family on a farm outside of Saskatoon where they raise everything from pigs to ponies and bees. 

And, of course, chickens.

Four-year-old Lennon Poole carrying her chicken, Chickyboo. (Rottwood Acres/Facebook)

Tenille said Chickyboo is fairly calm for a chicken. She started out her life as a backyard chicken inside the city, but has since adapted to her new life on the farm.

Tenille is not entirely convinced Chickyboo enjoyed the experience.

"Probably not," she said. 

"I don't think this weather is the most natural experience for a chicken. But she was good at humouring Lennon and I certainly appreciate that."

Lennon does not limit her affection to chickens. In the past, she has staged birthday parties for the farm's dogs and dragged her pony into her playhouse for tea parties.

The four-year-old's grandmother put video of the sled ride up on social media platform TikTok. The video is approaching 100,000 views.


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