Hit-run driver damages 2 vehicles, house

Two of Russ Kohut's vehicles and his house were damaged by a hit-run driver on Christmas Day.

Homeowner believes vehicles a write-off, but crack in garage worrisome

Russ Kohut's Ford and Lincoln were damaged when a grey Dodge truck smashed into them around 5 p.m. on Christmas Day. (Submitted by Russ Kohut)

It wasn't an average Christmas Day for Russ Kohut, given that in the span of 10 seconds two of his vehicles and his house suffered extensive damage. 

After waking up from a nap around 5 p.m. CT, Kohut says, he stepped outside his front door near Central Avenue and 116 Street for some fresh air before sitting down with his family for dinner. 

"All of a sudden, smash," he said. "I walked outside and [the driver of the truck] was spinning out and taking off."

Kohut estimates both vehicles would be written off by SGI, and said he was lucky he happened to have a third vehicle sitting in his backyard, which he plated on Saturday.

However, the damage to the house is more worrisome. His Lincoln SUV was pushed directly into the house by the force of the collision.

While the crash appeared to leave only a minor dent in the exterior stucco of the garage, the interior suffered a nearly two-metre crack that will have to be assessed. 

Importantly, Kohut says, everyone inside the house was safe.

"We're great, in good spirits,"  Kohut said. "It's just cars, right? You can always buy new cars.

"Nobody got hurt, who cares? It'd be nice [if police] caught the guy, though."

Kohut says police told him on Saturday afternoon they might have located the grey Dodge truck involved in the incident.

A Saskatoon police spokesperson said officers were looking into the incident, but were unable to comment.