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Watch for snakes and keep your pets leashed while hiking in Sask., reptile expert warns

Looking at what people should do to prepare for hiking season in Saskatchewan, being prepared for snake encounters.

Saskatoon textile artist's fabric postcard project raises money to help Ukraine

A Saskatoon textile artist is creating fabric postcards to help support people affected by the war in Ukraine — and she's getting help from quilters around North America to do the same.

Mayors of Saskatoon, Prince Albert react to possible drinking in Sask. parks

The provincial government put forward an amended bill yesterday that would allow municipalities the ability to permit drinking alcohol in outdoor public spaces, such as parks.

Should you wear a mask? Advice for navigating a mask-optional Canada

General mask mandates have been lifted in every province, yet many health authorities still recommend wearing them in public indoor settings. Here's some advice to help you evaluate when and where to don a mask.

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