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Does Saskatchewan's Parents' Bill of Rights help parents or misguide them?

Saskatchewan's Parents' Bill of Rights is Canada's first provincial education law that could limit gender identity in schools. While some parents are happy, some lawyers, educators and parents worry this bill will hurt vulnerable kids while confusing parents about what their rights actually are.
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How to access the new RSV vaccine, and how much will it cost? Your questions answered

This year, for the first time, a vaccine is available to help protect older adults against RSV, which is like the common cold for some but can also lead to respiratory infection and hospitalization. We answered some of your questions about the RSV vaccine and how to access it.

Popularity of Cabbage Patch Kids was 'next level insanity,' says filmmaker

When the Cabbage Patch Kids were released in 1983, the media attention and scarcity of the dolls inspired brawls between shoppers that Christmas season. The executive producer of a new documentary about the dolls says the craze may have contributed to the madness we see around things like Black Friday sales today.
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A trip to Scotland inspired me to open my rarest bottle of whisky

Adrian Ma wasn't sure what to do at first when his uncle gifted him an ultra-rare bottle of Scotch. So he went to Scotland's distilleries to learn more about what goes into making the legendary drams known around the world.

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