Youth Resilience artists taking over @CBCSask's Instagram

The photographic work of more than 32 young, indigenous people is taking over @CBCSask's Instagram account this week.

Photographers' photo research project highlighted on Instagram @CBCSask

One of dozens of the photographs taken for the project. (From Embers to Flames Youth Resilience Project)

The photographic work of more than 32 young, Indigenous people is taking over CBC Saskatchewan's Instagram account this week.

The teens' broad and beautiful work forms the From Embers to Flames Youth Resilience Project. The collaboration saw the group explore narratives of indigenous youth in Saskatoon's core neighbourhoods, over the course of four seasons.

They did so with an aim of identifying strategies of survival and resilience among their peers. 

Some of the artists wrote essays about what a certain, special photo from the collection means to them. Watch for these on our Instagram too.

"This year has been one of my most difficult and I feel like I've lost so much. One of these losses included misplacing my Eagle feather fan and Eagle feather plumes (shown in the left picture), this past June. This incident spammed throughout my community, the news, and social media as many people shared my story in hopes someone would have information of their whereabouts. What the rest of the world didn’t know was that this loss was magnified by the fact that a week before I had a miscarriage. I’ve always turned to my dancing as a way for me to grief and heal. " -excerpt from Randi Lynn Nanemahoo-Candline's essay about this photograph. ( Randi Lynn Nanemahoo-Candline/From Embers to Flames Youth Resilience Project)

Each day this week, @CBCSask will share a collection of the artists' photographs, leading up to their showcase on Dec. 3.

Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming is hosting the grand opening night and reception.

The project was completed in collaboration with Saskatoon elders, Saskatoon Tribal Council, Station 20 West, Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network, Canadian Institute of Health Research, Saskatchewan Prevention Institute, the University of Saskatchewan department of community health and epidemiology, Core Neighborhood Youth Co-op, and the White Buffalo Youth Lodge.

Know of another group of artists who are working on an amazing project? Let me know!


Madeline Kotzer


Madeline Kotzer is an award-winning Saskatchewan journalist and social media news editor/presenter for CBC Saskatchewan and CBC Saskatoon.