#YouShouldDoThis: Lyndon Penner's advice for late August

CBC gardening columnist Lyndon Penner explains what you should do in the garden in the final weeks of August

CBC gardener Lyndon Penner explains how you should spend your time in a late August garden

Lyndon Penner says you should grow daylilies in your garden (Lyndon Penner)

CBC gardening columnist Lyndon Penner explains what you should do in the garden in the final weeks of August.

Don't dawdle with daylilies

- Daylilies and lilies can be divided and moved now. Cut daylilies back by about half when you do so. 

Mind the gap! 

As you walk around your garden, do you see gaps anywhere? A plant that's died or failed to perform as expected? Or maybe there is a big gap in one of your containers where something got shredded by hail. Now is the time to go out and buy a nice, big, fat chrysanthemum! It will bloom for weeks and fill the gaps very nicely. 

Hummingbirds are filling up for the winter. (Grouse Mountain)

Help the hummingbirds

Hummingbirds will be leaving us in about a month. They will be spending the next few weeks eagerly bulking up and storing up fat so you may notice they are more active than usual. It's important to change the solution in your hummingbird feeder every 24-48 hours or it can spoil. Do not give hummingbirds anything other than sugar. People have used 7-Up, Splenda, etc. and this is really bad for them. Really bad. Like, it can be fatal. Keep your hummingbird feeder clean and preferably in a sheltered spot; otherwise the wind will cause the nectar to slosh out and this will draw wasps.

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