Actor Leo Fafard begins 2-hour Wolfcop transformation

WolfCop 2 actor Leo Fafard was in Regina Wednesday for shooting the film.

Sequel film shooting at Regina's sound stage Wednesday

Actor Leo Fafard transforms into the Wolfcop, part small-town police officer Lou Garou and part wolf. (Neil Cochrane/CBC)

As the story's narrative arch continues with a sequel to the original, the lead actor of WolfCop 2, Leo Fafard, was in Regina for a hairy transformation Wednesday.

Fafard plays both movies' main character, officer Lou Garou, who is a small-town, alcoholic cop that gets turned into a werewolf by a ritualistic occult group.

Fafard's makeup transformation, which was done by artist Emersen Ziffle, lasted for two hours.

Actor Leo Fafard sits patiently as he transforms into the wolfcop. (Neil Cochrane/CBC)

CineCoup, the film company that produced the first WolfCop film, said in May 2014, that due to the strong positive buzz about the film, it decided to put the sequel into production.

Actor Leo Fafard waits as his make-up artist transforms him into Wolfcop. (Neil Cochrane/CBC)
Leo Fafard transforms into the wolfcop. (Neil Cochrane/CBC)


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