William Shatner back in Regina for Fan Expo

The Morning Edition had a quick sit down with the star and asked some burning questions from his fans on twitter.

'Living in the moment' is the best way for William Shatner

William Shatner speaks with CBC's The Morning Edition

4 years ago
William Shatner speaks with CBC's The Morning Edition ahead of his appearance at Fan Expo Regina. 2:29

William Shatner is in Regina this weekend for his second appearance at the Fan Expo. 

Shatner is a busy man and is currently shooting a movie called Senior Moment in Palm Springs, Calif.

Then he's off to Germany to shoot the second season of Better Late than Never — all while working on a new Christmas album. 

Shatner will be in attendance at Fan Expo in Regina this weekend. (CBC)

Q: What can you tell us about your next Christmas album?

 A: If I can get the time and the material together, we're going to have fun with a Christmas album. What it is exactly, I'm not sure.

Q: When do you sleep?

A: Infrequently, restlessly and perturbed.  

Before Shatner leads a celebrity Q&A at the expo, he took some questions from The Morning Edition and his fans on Twitter.

A: I love Dancing with the Stars. I know its been on the air for along time. I just love the drama. I love the people. I'm good friends with some. To me, it's a highly dramatic show.

A: I have no idea what it is, where it is, who's in it, who's doing it. I'm as virginal as he is.

A: I have an intuition that there is more goodness on social media than there is ugliness of which we see so much. I have started a movement to tap into that. 

A: First of all (laughs), octogenarian has an ugly ring to it. We don't want to say "octogenarian." Maybe even "elderly person," but octogenarian sound like eight sides. There's, like, an [octogon] around me. Why am I the coolest? You have made me the coolest. In fact, I'm not cool at all. I'm sort of just like a rocking chair sort of person.

Q: What question do you get asked most often by fans? 

A: If I were to say so, then they would either ask them or not ask them... I love to hear what the audience wants to know. I'll turn the answers into something or other. I don't even want to anticipate what's going to happen. Living in the moment is really the best way to do it.

With files from CBC Radio's The Morning Edition