Wilkie, Sask. rehab facility offering discounted service for holidays

Prairie Sky Recovery, based out of Wilkie, Sask., is offering a discount on a 5-week program slated to begin on Nov. 21.

The 5-week program would end days before Christmas

The five week program's fees will only cover room and board, says Jacqueline Hoffman. (iStock)

Prairie Sky Recovery, an addictions treatment centre in Wilkie, Sask., will offer a discount to people seeking treatment so they can be home and sober in time for the holiday season.

Jacqueline Hoffman, CEO of Prairie Sky Recovery, said the only cost for the five week program will be room and board.

"We know that people need help right now," Hoffman said.

The program

The addictions program services would be offered for free, including a 12-step program involving the philosophies used by narcotics and alcoholics anonymous, a lifestyle program and emotional wellness classes, among other things.

The program start-date would be Nov. 21 and would wrap up on Dec. 23. The discounted cost is $5,000.

Hoffman says the programs undertaken at Prairie Sky Recovery will address the root of someone's addiction and help the person better understand and handle the emotions that contribute. (Facebook)

Layoffs putting a financial strain on people, long wait times for government services and emergency and reactive services being stretched thin are some of the reasons why a service like this would be sought out, Hoffman said.

"We need to be able to offer these services at a price people can afford right now."

People find themselves under a lot of pressure during the Christmas season, she added.

"We thought if we can get them in now, in November, then we're going to be able to arm them with the tools and the information they need so that they can go forward and be able to handle those situations." 

During the five weeks, participants will address issues such as anger, trauma, resentment and deep-seated issues which may cause someone to relapse. 

"By getting to the root of their addiction, we're able to help them understand those emotions and to be able to handle those emotions going forward," Hoffman said. 

Family values

Formerly known as the Leipzig Serenity Retreat, Prairie Sky Recovery was founded by Hoffman's mother, Ardyth Wilson.

"My mother had always opened our home to people needing help and it was a value she instilled in us," Hoffman said.

Hoffman recalled a former client who entered the facility approximately five years ago. 

The discount offers the five week program for $5000, according to Prairie Sky Recovery's website. (Google Maps)

It was the client's mother who called in looking for help, as she had already lost one child to addiction a month prior to her call. 

"She knew that she would lose him if she didn't find him help," Hoffman said of the man.

Hoffman said he entered the facility about a month before Christmas. He had asked to stay after he completed the treatment because he feared a relapse, according to Hoffman.

The client's family was still in mourning over the loss of his brother, Hoffman said.

Hoffman's family decided to go out to the centre and celebrate Christmas with him at the centre.

"We just included him in the mix the way we had with people who needed support."

Hoffman said the man has been sober for five years and does some work with Habitat for Humanity.

With files from the Morning Edition