Here's what you can and can't do during each phase of Saskatchewan's reopening roadmap

Saskatchewan has a goal to end most of its restrictions by the middle of July. Here's what that means for you.

Saskatchewan has a goal to end most COVID-19 restrictions by mid-July

Saskatchewan unveils road map to reopening

1 year ago
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Saskatchewan has unveiled a road map to reopening that could kick in by the end of May based on of the success of its COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Saskatchewan has a goal to end most of the restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic by mid-July. 

The province's plan is closely aligned with vaccination rates, with an aim to get back to life as we used to know it. 

The plan includes three phases, with each estimated to come approximately three weeks apart. Based on the province's projections, the first phase is expected to begin the last week of May. 

Below is a breakdown of what you can and can not do in each phase, should the province reach its vaccination goals. 

Phase 1

Phase 1 will start May 30.

During Phase 1: 

- You can dine in a restaurant and bar with a maximum of six people at a table. Dance floors and buffets remain banned. 

- You can play VLTs. 

- You can take a group fitness class again, including aerobics, spin or Zumba. People must be separated by three metres. 

- You can have friends over, with a limit of 10 people for private indoor and outdoor gatherings.

- Places of worship can have 150 people or 30 per cent of seating capacity (whichever is less) participating in services. People must be separated by two metres, unless they're from the same household group.

- Up to 30 people can attend wedding and funeral receptions at public indoor spaces. No food or drinks allowed. 

- Up to 150 people can get together at public outdoor gatherings. 

- Residents of long-term and personal care homes can have two visitors at a time indoors, and four visitors at a time outdoors

- You can participate in seasonal and recreational outdoor sports and activities, with guidelines from Saskatchewan's Re-Open Plan intact

- Adult and youth sports and recreation will continue, with guidelines from Saskatchewan's reopening plan intact.

- Competition and game play for outdoor team sports can proceed. Outdoor sporting activities — which were originally part of the Phase 2 of the provincial reopening plan — will now be included in Phase 1.

- Capacity restrictions on retail and personal service locations remain in place. 

- Casinos and bingo halls remain closed. 

Partying in the club is banned in Saskatchewan, but by mid-July it could become a possibility. The province plans to end most of its restrictions by summer. (Anthony Mooney/Shutterstock)

Phase 2

Phase 2 begins June 20th.

During Phase 2:

- Retail and personal care services can fully reopen with no capacity thresholds in place. However, customers must maintain physical distance.

- Limits on table capacity for restaurants and bars are removed. Dance floors and buffets remain banned.

- You can play bingo again. Bingo halls will have a maximum capacity of 150 people. 

- You can go to the casino. Capacity can not exceed 150 people. 

- Up to 150 people can attend wedding and funeral receptions for public indoor spaces. Venues that offer in-house dining will have to follow the guidelines from the reopening plan.

- Cinemas, live theatres, art galleries and libraries can welcome up to 150 people.

- Event and recreational facilities can host up to 150 people, with guidelines still in place for food and drinks. 

- You can participate in seasonal activities with no restrictions. 

- Adults and youths can participate in sports and recreation freely, without restrictions. While outdoor sports was bumped to Phase 1, easing of measures for indoor sports remains in Phase 2.

- Private gatherings can include 15 people indoors, and 150 people outdoors. 

- Public gatherings can include 150 people for both indoor and outdoor events. 

- All long-term care and personal care home residents may welcome four visitors at a time indoors and nine visitors at a time outdoors. 

Phase 3

Phase 3 is anticipated to start by the second week of July. It will be triggered when: 1) it has been three weeks since 70 per cent of residents age 18 and older have received their first dose and 2) it has been three weeks Phase 2 began.

During Phase 3:

- Most remaining restrictions are expected to be lifted. 

- New guidance on gathering sizes and indoor masking will be developed.

- The chief medical health officer will continue to develop guidelines to further ease visiting restrictions for long-term and personal care homes.


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