Cocaine laced with fentanyl found in Weyburn: police

Weyburn police are warning the public via twitter of suspected cocaine laced with fentanyl in the area.

Anyone in possession of the toxic concoction can turn it in to police without punishment

Weyburn police said in a tweet Saturday evening they found suspected cocaine laced with fentanyl are encouraging those possessing the possible substance to turn it into police. (CBC)

Weyburn is the latest Saskatchewan community where suspected cocaine laced with fentanyl has appeared, according to a tweet from Weyburn police.

Anyone in possession of the suspected substance can turn it into police without fear of being charged, according to the tweet, which came out Saturday evening.

Last week, RCMP issued several warnings to the public after two men in Maidstone, Sask. died from suspected drug overdoses.

RCMP say the suspected cocaine-fentanyl mix could be in the Kamsack area as well, after officers received a tip that two people had been exposed to cocaine laced with fentanyl in the Kamsack RCMP Detachment area.

The two people did not require medical treatment.  

Saskatoon police have also issued warnings after a string of fatal overdoses in that city.

Police believe three recent deaths are connected to a batch of cocaine laced with the powerful opioid.

RCMP say the tainted cocaine might still be circulating in the province and are asking the public to report the toxic concoction to police.

Police in Saskatoon and Prince Albert have issued a drug amnesty and are encouraging those possessing possible cocaine laced with fentanyl to turn the substance into police without punishment.

Weyburn police said they will provide an update on Monday.