Video of victim in trunk released in 3-man murder trial

Cellphone video shown in court which allegedly shows Shawn Douglas in the trunk of a car was released Tuesday, following the start of the jury's deliberation

WARNING: Some may find the video upsetting

A video released during the trial for the men accused of killing Shawn Roderick Douglas allegedly shows the moments after Douglas was knocked out and put into the trunk of a vehicle. (Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench.)

Cellphone video shown in court during the trial of three men charged with first-degree murder allegedly shows victim Shawn Roderick Douglas in the trunk of a car was released Tuesday, following the start of the jury's deliberation

The 54-year-old pipe fitter went to a house party on the 1600 block of Toronto Street during Aug. 7, 2014 where witnesses testified he was later targeted for robbery and assaulted. 

Douglas' body would later be found northeast of Regina in bushes off of a grid road two days later.

His body was found bruised and zip-tied and he had a hole in the back of his head.

Joshua Wilson, 26, Dennis Thompson, 35, and Johnathon Peepeetch, 26, were said to have beaten Douglas with hammers and tools after the house party they were at turned into an armed robbery.

Video evidence played in court during the trial, which has gone on in Regina for five weeks, allegedly shows the victim being put into the trunk of a car while in another part of the city on the 200 block of Quebec Street.

A video presented as evidence at a Regina murder trial shows what the Crown says is Shawn Douglas in a car trunk shortly before he was murdered. 1:36

Seven people, five adults and two teenagers, were initially arrested and charged with first-degree murder. 

One of the adults charged, Michael McNab, later had the charge against him stayed. McNab testified in the trial against Peepeetch, Wilson and Thompson. 

That video was released to the media on Tuesday.

On June 16, one of the witnesses, Aiden Anaquod, identified Peepeetch and Wilson in the video and told the court he was there when the killing happened.

The jury is expected to resume their deliberation Wednesday.