Vaughn Schofield to be Saskatchewan's next lieutenant-governor

Vaughn Schofield has been appointed to be Saskatchewan's next lieutenant-governor.
Vaughn Schofield will be Saskatchewan's next Lieutenant Governor (CBC)

Vaughn Schofield has been appointed to be Saskatchewan's next lieutenant-governor.

According to notes released by the Prime Minister's Office, Schofield was born in Regina and educated at the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus.

She is fluent in English and Spanish and has been active in business administration, the arts, education, broadcasting, corporate governance, crime prevention and community involvement.

Various references to Schofield, on federal and provincial government websites, note she is the president and CEO of Western Limited Group of Companies, a business real estate firm.

She also has business and community ties in Florida, according to the government.

"She was voted Florida's Crime Prevention Woman of the Year for two years running," a note on the federal defence ministry's site says. "She also wrote and hosted a crime prevention talk show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for five years."

A provincial government note also made mention of Schofield's business background.

"Her strong financial background includes 10 years as CFO of Sprite North America, and board experience with Regina Airport Authority, the Hospitals of Regina Foundation, St. John Ambulance, The Duke of Edinburgh Awards and the Canadian Forces Liaison Council," the province noted on a page talking about members of the board of the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper met the new lieutenant-governor Tuesday afternoon in his office on Parliament Hill.

They sat facing each other on green leather chairs, with a bouquet of flowers on the table between them, and the flags of Canada and Saskatchewan behind them.

Prime Minister Harper introduces Vaughn Schofield, Saskatchewan's next lieutenant governor. (CBC)
"Thanks, everybody, for coming. I'm here to introduce to you the next lieutenant-governor of the great province of Saskatchewan, Vaughn Schofield. Vaughn will be taking over for Gordon Barnhart, who has served with great distinction these past six years," Harper said.

"Mrs. Schofield is a businessperson, very involved in the community and a great supporter of the Canadian armed forces. So she has really the entire range of activities over the years in Saskatchewan, in business, the arts, education, community service, and I think she will make a great representative for the province and people of Saskatchewan, and we're delighted, Vaughn, that you've agreed to take this, and I'd like to wish you all the best."

They shook hands.

"Thank you very much. I would like to thank you, certainly, for the honour. I'm very honoured to do this. I'm looking very much forward to serving the people of the province and working with the government in support of the monarchy," Schofield said.

"I appreciate that," Harper replied.

Schofield is married to Gordon L. Schofield, retired, of Fort Lauderdale and is the mother of Whitney, a pediatric dentist and George, who is currently the mayor of Regina Beach.

Lieutenant-governors typically serve for five years.

Gordon Barnhart, Saskatchewan's 20th lieutenant-governor, was sworn in on Aug. 1, 2006.