University of Regina hikes tuition fees

Undergraduate tuition going up 4.4%

Tuition fees are going up and cuts are coming at the University of Regina.

The university has been going through a number of cost-cutting measures that have led to layoffs as well as the end of some program offerings.

On Tuesday, the U of R announced that undergraduate students will pay 4.4 per cent more for their schooling.

Tuition rates vary depending on the department and how many credits hours are taken. A typical full-time arts student will see his or her annual tuition rise from $5,983.90 to $6,247.19 — an increase of $263.29. 

For graduate students, the tuition increase is 10 per cent.

International students graduate students who pay a special fee of $800 per semester will pay $1,000 — a 25 per cent increase. 

The university said it was able to balance its budget thanks to $3.5 million in cuts spread out over all departments and administrative units.

About half the savings came from the elimination of 20 full-time equivalent positions. More saving were achieved through "efficiencies" and reduction of discretionary funds, the university said.

More details about where the cuts will fall will be released in the days ahead, U of R president Vianne Timmons said.

The university also announced that it is hiring an auditor to examine its finances.