Sask. musician hopeful two stolen tubas will be found

Michael Raney's two tubas were stolen from his vehicle in the night on Feb 3.

Michael Raney said this has happened before and the tuba was found nearby

Musicians show their tuba bells in Germany. Two large tubas were stolen from a vehicle in the Nutana neighbourhood in Saskatoon. (Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

Michael Raney was preparing to pick up his son when he looked into the back of the truck and realized his tubas were gone.

Someone had made off with not one but two large tubas during the night of Sunday, Feb. 3.

"Immediately a feeling of really? Really this again?" Raney said as this wasn't the first time.

12 years ago his personal tuba was stolen out of a vehicle and found nearby. Raney said that's why he's hopeful these two will turn up.

The tubas were discovered missing on Monday from a vehicle in the Nutana neighbourhood of Saskatoon. One was Raney's personal tuba he bought in 2005 and the other is owned by the Saskatoon Brass Band.

"I've had and played both those tubas for a number of years," he said. "I feel really bad about losing the band's property."

He doesn't know how they got in because there's no damage to the vehicle, Raney said. One of the tubas is worth around $17,000.

Michael Raney teaching his son how to play the tuba before it was stolen from his vehicle on Sunday, February 3. Raney said maybe the people who stole it may learn how to play. (Submitted by Kristen Raney)

"There's not too many buyers with tubas. It's not something that is easily sold or moved around because it's such an unique and odd item," he said. "I'm not sure what they'd really do with it."

"It's so cold and someone's trying to haul around two tubas," Raney said. "I get annoyed carrying around one of them I don't know why you'd carry around two."

He's pretty hopeful they'll be found and said a number of people in the music community are looking out for them. As well, Raney made a police report and said they'll be watching pawn shops.

Michael Raney and his wife Kristen are also expecting their second child. “If we get it back in any fashion that would be a blessing and combine that with the blessing of a new child, that would be fantastic," Raney said. (Submitted by Kristen Raney)

On top of the two tubas, a leather tuba bag and gold-plated 3XL tuba mouthpiece were also stolen. Both belonged to musician Gary Doige.

Material things can be replaced in time, Doige said. And there's no hard feelings with his friend Raney.

Doige said as well, he's had calls from every major tuba player across Canada looking out for the special tuba bag and gold mouthpiece but he's not expecting anything to be found.

"Stuff like this usually gets either thrown in the trash or disposed of somewhere but you never know," Doige said. "But not holding out a whole lot of hope."

Greg Doige (right) had a tuba case and gold-plated mouthpiece also stolen from Michael Raney's car on Sunday, February 3. (Greg Doige/Facebook)

As for what happens now, Raney said maybe the people who stole the tubas will take up music.

"I'd be okay with them learning to play it," he said. "Maybe this will be what turns things around for them."