Train crossing halts Regina traffic for 1.5 hours

Some Regina commuters encountered a substantial delay on their way to work Friday morning.

Ross Avenue signal system repaired, CP says

The signal at a Regina train crossing held up some drivers for over an hour Friday morning. Pictured is a crossing on Ring Road. (Craig Edwards/CBC)

Some Regina commuters encountered a substantial delay on their way to work Friday morning.

There were multiple reports of drivers being held up at the train crossing on Ross Avenue, between McDonald Street and Winnipeg Street.

Some said they were there for an hour and a half.

According to CP, the problem this morning was caused by a broken bond wire, which connects the signal system to the track.

The company said signals at railway crossings turn on when there is any kind of an issue with the track circuitry or wiring as a safety feature.

"We appreciate that this morning's activation caused an inconvenience with the public, and upon notification, we promptly dispatched a signal maintainer to rectify the issue," said a spokesperson for CP, in an email to CBC.

"We regret the inconvenience."

Mayor Michael Fougere recently said the city is considering building an overpass or underpass where the Ring Road meets railway crossings near Winnipeg Street.

"We want to look at providing safety for people and remove the frustration of drivers that go there," he said. 

He proposed the city conduct a feasibility study into possible designs, costs, and timelines for such a project.

Karen Gasmo, executive director of transportation in Regina, said the city is yet to move forward with this idea.

"The project cost and options will be contemplated as part of the feasibility study, should council approve the motion on the agenda next month," Gasmo said in an email. 

This comes after an accident in late January where a semi-trailer collided with a train at the railway crossing near Winnipeg Street.

The accident left the railway crossing equipment disabled.