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Leg chat raises questions about the perks of being a cabinet minister's kid in Saskatchewan

Cabinet minister's kids are in the news in Saskatchewan politics -- and not in a good way. Allegations of conflicts-of-interest and nepotism have been swirling around the legislation. Keeping an eye on all of this is Adam Hunter, who covers politics for CBC Saskatchewan and Murray Mandryk, who writes about politics for the Saskatoon Star Phoenix. They spoke with Saskatoon Morning's Jennifer Quesnel.

Brightenview asks Sask. government to reverse ban on megamall immigration applications

The developer of a megamall at the Global Transportation Hub, Brightenview Development International, says the Saskatchewan government should reverse its recent decision to withdraw support for immigration applications tied to the project. 
CBC Investigates

20 unanswered questions about the GTH land deal

The NDP and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation say despite the fact the RCMP announced it would not be laying criminal charges following its GTH land deal investigation, there are still crucial lingering questions.

Deputy Premier backs away from campaign call for GTH inquiry following RCMP probe

During Gord Wyant's recent bid to lead the Saskatchewan Party, he promised to call a public inquiry into the Global Transportation Hub land deal whether the RCMP investigation resulted in charges or not. Now he has a different opinion.

Nun calls for forensic audit on Global Transportation Hub land dealings

The decision not to lay criminal charges or have an inquiry into the government’s dealings into the Global Transportation Hub has raised the eyebrows of a nun whose order formerly owned some of the land in question.

No charges laid in GTH land deal investigation: RCMP

The RCMP says it will not be laying any charges after completing its investigation into the Global Transportation Hub land deal that has been the centre of controversy for years.

Sask. government denies 'secret meeting' with city over GTH sale

The minister responsible for the Global Transportation Hub has denied the government had a meeting with the City of Regina over a deal for the authority.

Where does Sask.'s future premier stand on legal cannabis, the GTH?

Alanna Koch, Scott Moe, Ken Cheveldayoff, Tina Beaudry-Mellor and Gord Wyant are vying to fill the shoes of outgoing Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall.
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Sask. government rolls out red carpet for GTH investor who was wanted by China for fraud

An internal email shows that in early 2017, politicians and senior government officials welcomed new Global Transportation Hub investor Mike Niu to the Saskatchewan legislature.

Sask. farmer near GTH wants help with flooded land

A farmer west of Regina says a poorly maintained drainage ditch caused significant flooding on his land two years ago and there is still no solution in sight.
CBC Investigates

Government defends 'fake map' of GTH to sell Chinese megamall as artist's rendering

CBC has discovered the premier's office is promoting the megamall being built at the Global Transportation Hub using a map of the facility which features a host of businesses that don't exist.
CBC Investigates

Tenants of Chinese megamall at GTH don't have to hire Canadians

Tenants of the Chinese megamall being built at the Global Transportation Hub are not required hire Canadians, like other immigrant-established businesses in Regina.
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Sask. government considered buying high-priced farmland near GTH from Regina developer — before he owned it

Confidential emails reveal key players in the notorious "GTH land deal" were working on yet another deal just as the first controversial transaction was concluding in December 2013.

GTH land deal appraisal based on 'factually wrong' information: privacy commissioner report

A new report from Saskatchewan's Information and Privacy Commissioner says the Global Transportation Hub land sale was based on appraisal information that was "factually wrong."

RCMP has 'extensive' interview with Brad Wall on GTH land deal

Premier Brad Wall has revealed he went through a "very thorough" interview with the RCMP over a deal involving land outside of Regina.
CBC Investigates

Email shows Bill Boyd and premier's office were 'concocting a scheme' to pay too much for GTH land, NDP says

A single sentence in a high-level internal email the government has been trying to keep from the public appears to contradict what Bill Boyd and the premier's office have been telling Saskatchewan people about the Global Transportation Hub land deal for the past 19 months, says the provincial NDP.

Sask. conflict of interest commissioner won't look into Bill Boyd's role in GTH land deals

Ron Barclay, Saskatchewan's conflict of interest commissioner, will not investigate whether Bill Boyd was in a conflict of interest over a Global Transportation Hub land deal.

Jeremy Harrison's comments on GTH 'raised questions' for Sask. political scientist

A Saskatchewan political scientist says Jeremy Harrison's comments on the Global Transportation Hub "raised questions" for him about the independence of cabinet ministers and how much the public and media gets spin as opposed to fact.

Bill Boyd asks conflict of interest commissioner to investigate Chinese business involvements

Saskatchewan's former minister of the economy says he doesn't believe his involvement with a company trying to attract Chinese investors is a conflict of interest, but he's asking the commissioner to look into it anyway.
CBC Investigates

Cash-for-jobs immigration consultant connected to Sask. government-backed Chinese megamall

An immigration consulting firm that experts say may have engaged in fraudulent behaviour is linked to a high-profile development project the Saskatchewan government is heavily promoting.

GTH board shouldn't use personal email to send 'sensitive' info: privacy report

The province's office of Information and Privacy Commissioner is recommending Global Transportation Hub board members stop using private email for sensitive information.

NDP says GTH deal with Brightenview smacks of 'desperation' in light of revelations about company

A Saskatchewan NDP member says it appears the Global Transportation Hub signed on a tenant “without due diligence,” which she says shows “desperation.”

Sask. developer's $45M project officially breaks ground at Global Transportation Hub

Ground was broken this week on a $45-million project at the Global Transportation Hub and its developers say will bring international companies and increased trade to Saskatchewan.
CBC Investigates

Sask. premier defends government's agreement giving CP land at GTH for free

Premier Brad Wall is defending his government's agreement to give CP rail 300 acres of serviced land at the Global Transportation Hub for free.
CBC Investigates

Sask. government agreed to transfer 300 acres of GTH land to CP for no cost

A confidential document obtained by CBC's iTeam says the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways agreed to provide Canadian Pacific Railway 300 acres of serviced land at the Global Transportation Hub at no cost.

Sask. government withholds GTH info at CP's request; privacy commissioner says release it

Saskatchewan’s Highways minister is defending his ministry's record of responding to freedom of information requests, despite a series of scathing reports by the province's Information and Privacy Commissioner.
CBC Investigates

Highways official warned of 'political pressure' and 'fabricating numbers' in land deal with GTH

The man who was in charge of making sure Saskatchewan's Ministry of Highways followed its own land buying rules says it failed miserably three years ago, when it purchased property from the Global Transportation Hub.
CBC Investigates

GTH land deal: Internal email raises new questions about who knew what, when

One year after CBC's iTeam broke the Global Transportation Hub land deal story, nagging questions remain about who ordered the controversial transaction, and who knew what, when.

3 strikes: Sask. government chastised again for handling of GTH document requests

For the third time in three months, the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner has rebuked the provincial government for its handling of information requests related to the Global Transportation Hub land deal.

$180K for GTH documents 'excessive' and 'unreasonable,' says commissioner

Saskatchewan's Information and Privacy Commissioner has rebuked the provincial government for demanding $180,000 for documents about the Global Transportation Hub land deal.
CBC Investigates

Confused about the GTH land deal? Here's a short explainer video

One year ago, CBC Saskatchewan's iTeam started looking into a transaction between the Global Transportation Hub and a Regina developer. This video is a thumbnail sketch of what we know so far.
CBC Investigates

'I was there through this whole process,' says premier of GTH land deal

Premier Brad Wall said it's no surprise that his chief of staff, Joe Donlevy, knew about Global Transportation Hub land deal negotiations at the very start because this was and is "one of the most important economic development projects for the government."
CBC Investigates

Police investigating GTH land deal, committee hears

Saskatchewan's provincial auditor says police are investigating a Global Transportation Hub land deal that has been the centre of controversy at the legislature — a fact that would prevent her from conducting a forensic audit for the time being.
CBC Investigates

Premier Brad Wall faces barrage of questions about land scandal

During the recent session of the legislature, Wall abruptly walked away from media scrums when he faced questions about an ongoing controversy that’s come to be known as the 'GTH land deal.'
CBC Investigates

Land agreement premier touted as proof 'taxpayers are making money' at GTH in limbo

A pre-election Global Transportation Hub land sale agreement, much-touted by Premier Brad Wall as proof that "taxpayers are making money" through the project, is still in limbo eight months later.
CBC Investigates

Commissioner rebukes government for 'excessive delays' in GTH info requests

The Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner has rebuked the Ministry of Highways for what he calls "excessive delays" in responding to a series of Global Transportation Hub-related freedom of information requests by CBC's iTeam.
CBC Investigates

'Wrongdoing' in GTH news release may not have been the right word, says Sask. provincial auditor

Saskatchewan's provincial auditor says a key word in a much-quoted sentence from her news release about her Global Transportation Hub report may not have been quite right. She agreed the word was "probably" too imprecise.

Sask Party MLA won't examine how much money was lost in GTH land deal

The deputy chair of the Public Accounts Committee acknowledges the Provincial Auditor may have found the Global Transportation Hub overpaid for land from the private sector. Sask Party MLA Larry Doke admits he doesn't know how much money was lost if any and says he doesn't want to look into it.

Provincial auditor quizzed by MLAs on GTH land deal report

The $21-million Global Transportation Hub land deal was once again a topic of discussion at the Saskatchewan Legislature on Tuesday, with a much-anticipated appearance by the provincial auditor.

Heated debate continues at legislature over GTH land deals

Insinuations were flying and heated words were exchanged as the debate over the Global Transportation Hub land deals continued at the Saskatchewan Legislature this week.
CBC Investigates

Minister of justice red-flagged potential conflict of interest in 1st GTH land deal

Minister of Justice Gordon Wyant says he’s the one who spotted the potential for conflict of interest in the first Global Transportation Hub land deal submitted to cabinet back in 2012.
CBC Investigates

6 new revelations from hidden emails about the GTH land deal

In the wake of Global Transportation Hub land deal, revelations published by CBC and ongoing NDP questions in the legislature, the Saskatchewan government is now offering new information.
CBC Investigates

Bill Boyd says he can't remember who made the mysterious GTH land deal call

In question period the NDP’s interim leader asked Global Transportation Hub minister Jeremy Harrison who made the mysterious phone call to Boyd back in 2012. In a media scrum Harrison spoke on Boyd’s behalf saying “I spoke to him today and he informed me that he doesn’t remember who the phone call was from.”
CBC Investigates

SaskPower bought $25M of GTH land just in time to fund controversial deal

A review of the provincial auditor's report on the GTH land deal along with other documents and interviews has enabled the iTeam to stitch together a behind-the-scenes look at how Bill Boyd and his former political aide put the deal together by themselves and the remarkably timed multi million dollar cash infusion that allowed it to happen.
CBC Investigates

The GTH land deal you've never heard of — and Bill Boyd won't talk about

Most of us thought there was just one Global Transportation Hub land deal. It turns out, most of us were wrong. An elite, powerful few have known all along that the GTH actually tried to buy the much-discussed 204 acres of land twice. This is the story of the first attempt — an attempt which failed.
CBC Investigates

Forensic audit of GTH land deal needed to clear the air, says expert

A forensic accounting expert is surprised the Saskatchewan government hasn’t ordered a forensic audit of the Global Transportation Hub land deal in light of the revelations contained in the provincial auditor’s June report.

GTH should not have had $129K appraisal says Sask. information and privacy commissioner

The public may never be allowed to see the secret appraisal that Brad Wall and Bill Boyd said justified the GTH paying a Regina developer $103,000 per acre for 204 acres of land.
CBC Investigates

Landowner's $129K appraisal 'irrelevant' to GTH land negotiations: Auditor's report

For months Premier Brad Wall and his government have defended the decision of the Global Transportation Hub to pay $103,000 an acre for 204 acres of land, even though government appraisals said the land was worth far less.

Government paid too much for GTH land: Sask. provincial auditor

The Saskatchewan government didn't do a good job acquiring land for the Global Transportation Hub near Regina and as a result paid too much, the provincial auditor says.

Minister of Justice can't explain why CBC was charged $100K more than CTF for GTH documents

One of Canada’s leading access to information experts says the Global Transportation Hub appears to have two standards when assessing freedom of information fees and he worries that may indicate the government is using high fees to keep public documents from public view.
CBC Investigates

Canadian Taxpayers Federation says GTH making document access 'as difficult as possible'

A director with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation says the Global Transportation Hub and the Ministry of Highways are "mak(ing) it as difficult as possible" for him to access documents about the GTH land deal.
CBC Investigates

GTH won't release land deal appraisal because it could 'harm the reputation' of preparer

The Global Transportation Hub is refusing to publicly release an appraisal at the heart of the controversial GTH land deal, saying that if public, the document could damage the reputation and finances of the company that produced it.

Sask. government defends $180K bill for GTH land deal documents

The government is defending the $180,000 fee estimate sent to CBC by the Global Transportation Hub and the Ministry of Highways for documents related to the GTH land deal, while the NDP says its "nothing more than an outrageous coverup."
CBC Investigates

Sask. government charging $180K for access to GTH land deal documents

One of Canada’s leading access to information experts says he has never seen anything like the massive fee estimates CBC’s iTeam recently received from the Global Transportation Hub and the Ministry of Highways for access to information requests
CBC Investigates

'I'd like this appraisal out there' says Brad Wall about private GTH land appraisal

The leader of the Saskatchewan Party, Brad Wall, says he would like the Global Transportation Hub to release the privately procured appraisal which prompted the government to pay Regina land developers $103,000 an acre for land on the west side of Regina.
CBC Investigates

Former owner of GTH land suing provincial government for $2M

A Regina landowner whose former property is at the centre of the controversial Global Transportation Hub land deal is suing the government of Saskatchewan, alleging that when the Ministry of Highways bought some of her land under threat of expropriation, it misrepresented the property’s true value.
CBC Investigates

Reality check: Does recent GTH land sale show property value is rapidly rising?

Saskatchewan Party Leader Brad Wall claims he has new evidence that the price of land in the Global Transportation Hub has been rapidly rising in recent years. He said this evidence justifies the $103,000 an acre price that the GTH paid for 204 acres of land in the path of the West Regina Bypass.
CBC Investigates

GTH land deal 'surprised' Highways appraiser; calls it 'an outlier'

The man who appraised the controversial Global Transportation Hub land for the Ministry of Highways says he was “surprised” when he learned how much the government-owned agency paid for the land.

NDP leader Cam Broten calls for judicial inquiry into GTH land deal

NDP leader Cam Broten is calling for a judicial inquiry into the purchase of more than 200 acres of land that will be used for the west Regina bypass and an access interchange to the Global Transportation Hub (GTH).
CBC Investigates

'I'm not being treated fairly,' says Regina landowner after expropriation

A Regina businessman says he’s been treated unfairly by the provincial government, which expropriated his land and paid him as little as one-fourth what it shelled out for comparable land immediately south of his.

Sask. NDP wants legislature recalled to discuss GTH land deal

The leader of Saskatchewan's NDP has asked the premier and the Speaker to recall the legislature to discuss what he calls a "highly questionable $21-million land deal" involving the government-owned Global Transportation Hub.

Cam Broten, Sask. NDP demand legislature recall over GTH land deals

Following a CBC News investigation that uncovered a controversial land deal involving 204 acres west of Regina, the provincial NDP is demanding that the legislature be recalled.

Sask. NDP recalls committee to look at $21M GTH land deal

The NDP recalled the Public Accounts Committee for a meeting Wednesday morning to give the provincial auditor a mandate for the review into the Global Transportation Hub's 2014 purchase of 204 acres of land for a highway bypass just west of Regina.

Wall confident auditor review into $21M GTH land deal will show appropriate processes were followed

Premier Brad Wall has asked the provincial auditor to review a $21-million land purchase west of Regina in 2014.
CBC Investigates

Regina land deal 'looks like it's not a normal transaction': auditor

Saskatchewan's provincial auditor says land transactions involving the provincial government and uncovered by CBC's iTeam "may require us to have a little bit more of a look."
CBC Investigates

​Timeline: History of puzzling Regina land transactions uncovered by iTeam

This week the iTeam highlighted a complex series of transactions involving 204 acres in the path of the West Regina Bypass right next to the Global Transportation Hub, a government owned industrial park
CBC Investigates

Sask. politicians call for review of puzzling land transactions uncovered in iTeam investigation

Two Saskatchewan political parties say an iTeam story about a sequence of curious land transactions on the west side of Regina raises serious concerns that require further investigation.
CBC Investigates

Businessmen made millions on Regina land that wound up in taxpayers' hands

In 2014, the province's minister of the economy asked a Crown corporation to buy 204 acres of land for two to three times more than government appraisals said it was worth, resulting in a $5-million profit for a Regina company.