Tisdale, Sask., drops 'rape', adds 'opportunity' to town slogan

Tisdale, Sask., has bid farewell to "Land of Rape and Honey" and unveiled a new slogan: "Opportunity Grows Here".

'Opportunity Grows Here' will be on signs and stationery from now on

The new slogan reflects Tisdale's agricultural traditions and economic aspirations, the town says. (Town of Tisdale)

Tisdale, Sask., has bid farewell to "Land of Rape and Honey" and unveiled a new slogan – "Opportunity Grows Here".

The slogan and a new logo will appear on signs and stationery, the culmination of a year-long process to refresh the town's controversial brand.

Rapeseed or rape is the name of an oilseed that's been grown around the world for centuries. In years past, the Tisdale area was known for that crop, as well as for its honey industry. 

For many years, people driving by Tisdale on Highway 3 would see this sign. (

Over the years, the oilseed rape has been less common with the rise of a well-known edible version of the crop – canola. 

Tisdale's "Land of Rape and Honey" signs stayed up, however, despite comments and criticism from some people.

Now the town wants to start fresh, using its new logo and slogan to boost foreign investment.

"The 'Opportunity Grows Here' brand will be a prominent component as Tisdale markets to companies identified as potential investors," the town said in a news release.

Tisdale, a town of 3,200 people, is about 211 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon.

The "Land of Rape and Honey" slogan has appeared on a variety of signs and promotional items over the years. Many said it was time for the 'rape' part of the logo to go, but others have argued the 'honey' is also obsolete, because the importance of honeybees to the local economy has declined over the years. (CBC)


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