Thunderstorms soak southeast Saskatchewan

Afternoon thunderstorms in the southeastern part of the province Saturday left a lot of water in their wake.

Environment Canada issued warnings for Estevan, Lampman, Bienfait areas Saturday afternoon

Heavy rainfall in southeast Saskatchewan left a sea of water in Estevan streets Saturday. (Credit: Emily Kroeker/@PatheticRambler)

Afternoon thunderstorms in the southeastern part of the province Saturday left a lot of water in their wake.

Estevan, Sask. received a significant amount of rainfall, which accumulated on streets and swallowed vehicle tires.

"We've had basically a torrential downpour," said Estevan resident Jodi Tweed."At times you couldn't see across the street, it was raining so hard."

Tweed said that residents were advised not to go out into the streets due to manhole covers popping off from so much water.

"It's been kind of a mess all day," she said,"Our laundry room — water is coming through one of the storage spaces and in underneath our washer and dryer."   
One Twitter user in Estevan said the water had moved halfway up her lawn. (Credit: Emily Kroeker/@PatheticRambler)

A friend of Tweed's said she had to move out of their home and into a hotel for the time being because their sump pump couldn't keep up with the water entering the house.

Environment Canada issues warnings

Environment Canada issued the thunderstorm warnings around 11 a.m. CST. The warning lasted about three hours.

It said the storm began in the Lampman area and was moving southwest through Estevan towards the Canada-United States border.

It affected other nearby communities including Benson, Hitchcock, and Bienfait.

Meterologists were concerned the storms would produce strong wind gusts, dime to nickel-sized hail and torrential rain.

"We haven't had a [flash flood] since the flooding of 2011," said the City of Estevan's Emergency Measures Coordinator Helen Fornwald, late Saturday afternoon.

"Most of the water has subsided, [but] there are a couple streets that will remain closed until further notice. But we're starting to get some clear skies now," added Fornwald.


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