Three Sask. CEOs make top 100 list

Three of Saskatchewan's top executives make Canada's top 100 highest paid CEOs.

Three of Saskatchewan's top executives have made the list of the highest paid 100 CEOs in Canada, ranked by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

The highest paid CEOs in Saskatchewan in 2010 are Potash Corp.'s Bill Doyle, Cameco's Gerry Grandey and Viterra's Mayo Schmidt.

Doyle was eleventh on the list with a salary of $11,601,796.  Grandey was fifty-fifth making $6,826,500.  Schmidt came in eighty-ninth with a total of $4,548,711 a year.

Though Doyle's salary didn't change much from what he was reported to have made in 2009, Grandey topped his yearly salary by more than $2-million, while Schmidt took a hit of about $200,000.

The average CEO yearly salary in Canada was reported to be at about $8.38 million in 2010.