'I think mistakes are wonderful': Terra Lightfoot, Canadian singer/songwriter, gets set to hit the prairies

Terra Lightfoot’s second album, 'New Mistakes', came out in 2017.

Lightfoot to play Regina and Saskatoon later this week

Terra Lightfoot brings her latest album to the prairies later this week. (Submitted by Terra Lightfoot)

Terra Lightfoot's smoky, powerful voice is coming to the prairies.

Lightfoot hails from a village called Waterdown, Ont., and she now resides in Hamilton.

Her latest album, 'New Mistakes', came out in 2017.

I think it would be remiss to say that mistakes are a bad thing. I think mistakes are wonderful and they make us who we are.- Terra Lightfoot

Her album title is reflective of a shift Lightfoot said is happening in her life.

"When we were writing the songs for this record, it was a place where I knew I was making some of the same mistakes over and over in my life, and I wanted to try and make some new ones and get out of my comfort zone," she said.   

"It also speaks to the fact that I think mistakes and problems end up influencing who we are. That's such a positive thing. I think it would be remiss to say that mistakes are a bad thing. I think mistakes are wonderful and they make us who we are."

And what were those mistakes she kept making?

"Ex-boyfriends," she said with a laugh.

More seriously, she said she wanted to break old, bad habits in order to push forward in her life.

Lightfoot says she was surrounded by women who lead by example her whole life. That, she said, is what got her into music.

"I was raised by powerful women, one of them being my grandmother on my mother's side, who was a professional piano player in the '60s. She played on the Via train between Toronto and Montreal," Lightfoot said.

"She raised me on the piano bench beside her. (...) I was lucky enough to just be there absorbing the music and absorbing her energy."

Lightfoot said she was shy growing up, and that followed her in a way.

"I think there's still that dichotomy inside me, that black and white of being completely confident and sure of what I'm doing and saying 'this is my craft, I can do this,' and then the other side going 'uh, what are you doing here? How did you get to this show? Should you be on this stage?'"

Lightfoot will be in Regina on Feb. 23, and Saskatoon Feb. 24. with Australian singer/songwriter William Crighton.

With files from CBC Radio's Saskatchewan Weekend