Viral video showing rescue of dog that fell through ice a warning: Swift Current fire chief

A Saskatchewan fire chief is warning residents to stay off the ice.

Ice is too thin for either people or pets, fire chief warns

Fire chief Denis Pilon posted a video on Facebook showing members of the Swift Current Fire Department and RCMP rescuing a dog that had fallen through the ice (Facebook/Denis Pilon)

Swift Current fire Chief Denis Pilon says a video he posted on Facebook this week, showing members of the city's fire department and RCMP rescuing a dog that had fallen through ice, should serve as a warning to Saskatchewan residents to stay off the ice — and to keep their pets off, too.

According to Pilon, the pet's owners had allowed the dog to go off-leash near the local creek.

The dog soon ventured out onto the ice and fell through.

"Quick action calling the fire department helped save their pet," wrote Pilon. "Please keep your pets and children away from the creek.

"The ice is thin and it is not safe."

Pilon's post has since had over 80,000 views and nearly 1,000 shares.

Swift Current is about 225 kilometres southwest of Regina.

Ice safety

According to the Government of Saskatchewan, ice does not freeze at a uniform thickness and its strength can vary by area.

It is suggested that ice be measured before it is travelled on. There should be at least 10 centimetres of ice to walk on, 20 centimetres to drive a snowmobile or ATV on, 30 centimetres to drive a car or light truck on, and more than 30 centimetres for a heavy truck.

According to the provincial government, clear, hard ice is the only ice recommended for travel. (Government of Saskatchewan)

You should avoid ice that is slushy in appearance, has thawed and re-frozen or is near moving water.