Suspected killer took photos of dead woman, 3 children, in Tisdale home: relative

A relative of a woman and her three kids killed in Tisdale, Sask., says the suspected killer took photos of the bodies and sent them to the children's biological father.

Latasha Gosling had been in a relationship with the suspect for 3 years

Steve O'Shaughnessy is believed to have killed Latasha Gosling and her three children before killing himself. His body was found in a Prince Albert, Sask., home on Wednesday. (

A relative of a woman killed along with three of her children in Tisdale, Sask., says the suspected killer took photos of the bodies and sent them to the children's biological father.

Cousin Tim Funk said the suspect, Steve O'Shaughnessy, was controlling and jealous of his girlfriend, Latasha Gosling, 27. 

Funk told The Canadian Press that O'Shaughnessy used a cellphone to send pictures of Jenika, 8, Landen, 7, and Janayah, 4, to their father.

When he received them, the man immediately called the RCMP and officers found the bodies of Gosling and her children early Wednesday in a mobile home.

The body of the suspect, who also went by the name Steve Manley, was found in a home in Prince Albert about five hours later. Beside him was a six-month-old girl who wasn't injured.

Mental illness

Relatives of O'Shaughnessy said he had struggled with mental illness for a number of years.

O'Shaughnessy worked in the Saskatchewan oil patch and lived in Tisdale, Nipawin and St. Walburg, CBC News has been told. (

He and Gosling had been in a relationship for about three years, according to the dead woman's sister, Laura Goss.

They had been living together in Tisdale. In recent years, he had lived or worked in Nipawin and St. Walburg.

His sister, Selina Siwy, discussed that in an online forum.

"You all don't know the whole story behind the situation," she said. "We have been trying to get him help for years and we thought he was in the clear."

According to posts O'Shaughnessy made on social media, he had worked in the oil patch and had a baby girl with Gosling. It's believed to be the same baby found with him at the home in Prince Albert. 

Siwy wrote online that her family loved her brother and Gosling and her children, and are now in a state of shock.

"We loved him then and we love him now," she said in a post on the website. "We loved Latasha and the kids as our own as well." 

With files from The Canadian Press