Prairie study shows how to prevent birds from flying into windows

Justine Kummar researched how to prevent birds from flying into windows as part of her masters project in Alberta. She said that it's a problem many homeowners experience.

UV decals, bird feeders and covered windows

Chances are if you have birds in your yard they're bound to fly into your window. (Mary Renaud/Facebook)

Research out of the University of Alberta is teaching home owners a new way of preventing birds from flying into windows. 

"One way, involving your bird feeder, is to keep that bird feeder really close to the window," Justine Kummer said. The method may seem counterintuitive, but Kummer said it ensures birds are flying at low speeds near the pane. 

"If the bird lands on it there is a better chance that when it leaves that feeder it won't have enough speed to cause any damage to itself." 

This also means they are more likely to notice there is a glass barrier there. 

Kummer is a masters student and completed the study along with the assistance of 1,300 people in Alberta. 

She said that the research is important because it's a problem many homeowners face, and did not have an answer to. 

"If there's birds in your yard you're more likely to have a collision," she said. 

Kummer's study recommended the following: 

  • If you have a bird feeder, move it closer to the window. 
  • Using UV reflective window decals. 
  • Closing your blinds to prevent vegetation from being reflected on the window. 

With files from the CBC Radio's Afternoon Edition.