Strongfield, Sask. fundraising to rebuild flattened curling rink

The small community of Strongfield, Sask. is preparing for a comeback. The small town is hoping to rebuild its curling rink.

The rink was destroyed by strong winds in July of this year

The curling rink in Strongfield, Sask., was destroyed by strong winds July 20. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

The small community of Strongfield, Sask. is preparing for a comeback.

It's hosting a Christmas party Saturday night to raise money for repairs to its curling rink.

With 250 tickets pre-sold, attendees can look forward to a performance by Brad Johner and a catered supper.

About 40 people live in Strongfield but there has reportedly been plenty of support from the surrounding area.

"We have been overwhelmed with donations," said volunteer Amanda Glubis. "Our prize table is absolutely full."

"It's amazing the amount of support we've had."

The community hopes to raise between $40,000 and $50,000 in total for rink repairs and upgrades. There have been other fundraisers over the past few months.

The curling rink was destroyed in July during a storm with powerful winds.
The community is aiming to raise about $50,000 for reconstruction of the facility. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

"It was sad," said Glubis. "I guess we just always felt we need to rebuild for the community, to keep the community going."

So far, the metal shell of the new rink is up, and workers are now attaching the tin on the outside walls. Glubis said she hopes to see it done within the next week.

"We're not out yet," she said. "We still have hope for having ice for this year."