Damaging winds expected in Sask. over 24 hours

A wind warning has been issued for nearly all of southern and central Saskatchewan.

Winds forecasted to gust over 100 km/h in some areas Tuesday night into Wednesday

Environment Canada has issued a wind warning for southern and central Saskatchewan as province braces for damaging winds. (Christy Climenhaga/CBC)

If there are any leaves left on your trees, they will be long gone by Wednesday.

A wind warning has been issued for nearly all of southern and central Saskatchewan, ahead of a system looking to move into the province Tuesday night. 

Environment Canada is warning of possible damage to buildings and trees.

The low pressure system is rapidly strengthening in Alberta. Our neighbouring province has already registered gusts over 80 km/h, with some areas bracing for gusts near 130 km/h on Tuesday.

By the time the system passes into Saskatchewan, a wide swath of severe and potentially damaging winds will be occurring.

Tuesday afternoon, the strong gusts will move in southern Saskatchewan with gusts ranging from 90 to 100 km/h.

Some areas just to the east of the Cypress Hills could see winds with gusts up to 110 km/h.

The main event will ramp up overnight Tuesday. As that storm system passes, incredible strong winds will tear through central Saskatchewan. Weather models are pointing to gusts at or over 100 km/h Tuesday night in the North Battleford, Saskatoon, Humboldt and Wynyard areas. 

Not much precipitation expected

Because of the rapid motion of this system, most of the province is not expecting heavy snow or rain.

Northern Saskatchewan, though, will likely see steady rain Tuesday, switching over to snowfall the next day.

Showers could also sweep through parts of central Saskatchewan Tuesday night, but the main weather event will be wind-related. 

Calmer end to the week

This system, though very strong, will be moving quickly. Winds should remain strong through the morning on Wednesday.

The gusts should begin to ease up Wednesday afternoon, with relatively quiet weather expected Thursday and Friday. 

Communities preparing

Meanwhile, many communities in southern Saskatchewan are getting ready for the high winds.

In Saskatoon, the parks division is getting ready to deal with damaged trees from the gusty winds. Four arborists will be on call for emergency work overnight. 

During the wind, trees will only be cleared if they are blocking emergency vehicles. After the wind dies down, any trees that are blocking roads or present a potential danger to the public will be removed.

Road crews will also be ready to clear any debris off the street.

Saskatoon Light and Power crews are getting ready for any power breaks caused by falling trees and high winds.

Finally, the Saskatoon city landfill will close if winds of more than 70 km/h are blowing, due to the risk of trucks overturning.

Garbage collection could be suspended on Wednesday if the wind doesn't die down.

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